Sunday, 9 December 2012

This novel of mine :)

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“What was she thinking at that time ! “ Jane cannot stop getting mad with herself for accepting Joey in the first place . “ “ Why was I so stupid for thinking maybe he’s not the same like the other guy . Why ohhh why ? “

All those thoughts are lingering in her head until her blackberry vibrates . “ Uhh , joey ! Whatever this moron want from me this time “ , but still her hand grab the phone to see joey’s bbm .

“ Got something important to talk to you . See you 3pm at usual place “

“Whatever Joey whatever “ , Jane just throws her phone on her bed and cuddles in her blanket . Little does she know seconds after that her tears just flowed swiftly as she just could not deny how much she still care about Joey .

“Stupid Joey stupid me. Ahh I got to sort this out before I become any crazier “Picking up her phone, she started to get herself ready. Yeah Joey, it has been two years and we’re still clinging on this tiny invisible string which I don’t even know what to call.

Putting on pink lipstick and a bit of baby powder, Jane knows herself better. She just doesn’t have to put too much effort. So , going out of her house wearing white peplum with red skirt and black head scarf , she just look as elegant as she always did . Looking at the fact, it’s not that no one tried to tackle her, but it’s her cold reaction that can scare anyone who made a move on her and also she got a tiny little problem she couldn’t solve .

 Her mum, she was too scared to tell her mum about the reality of her relationship with Joey as she knew how much her mum adores Joey and how her health will be affected if she knew the truth. “This bloody thing is freaking complicated “, mumbled Jane as she is waiting for Joey. “Talking about me darling? “  . Joey just appeared out of nowhere looking like the Hugo Boss model as always , well at least in Jane’s vision that is how Joey always s appears to her .

“Whatever Joey whatever. You said you wanted to tell something important .Shoot. “Keeping her composure, Jane just pretend as if she felt nothing when inside her heartbeat just uncontrollable .
“Well Jane , I  hope you’ll listen “ * phone vibrate . “Wait, I got a call, it’s from daddy “quickly Jane answered the call. “Yeah daddy, whattt ?! Ok I’ll go now.”   “Why? What the hell just happened?“ Joey just pulled Jane’s hand asking for explanation.

“Let go of my hand you fool . FYI , It’s none of your business and now can you just please let go of my hand! “ “Ok , I’m sorry . Now can you just please tell me what’s happening? “begged Joey . “Just shut up and get into the car please ?” Jane just cannot acts cool anymore and drive like she owns the road . Upon reaching the hospital , she just leaves the car with Joey and asks him to park it for her . “Lucky I’ve known you long enough Jane “ , mumbled Joey seeing Jane being panic as hell .

Joey rushes to the ward just to see Jane’s sad expression beside her mother’s bed. “ What’s wrong Jane ? Hye auntie “Smiled Joey and kissed Jane’s mum like he always did. Joey notices Jane’s making face but he just acts natural. “Glad you came Joey” smiled Jane’s mum while trying hard to sit. “Let me help you auntie” offered Joey upon seeing how hard Jane’s mum tries.

“Thanks Joey. U’re a great guy, glad my daughter found someone like you ““Mum please , don’t flatter him too much” cut Jane as she is a bit fed up to continue that conversation. “I haven’t finished my sentence yet Jane. Can you guys especially Jane, listen carefully what I’m trying to say?”  “Ok now I really want to go from here fast” thought Jane as she feels as if she knows what her mum is trying to say the next second. “You know I won’t last any longer with emm you guys know about my cancer. And I really have a favour I would like to ask you guys” uttered Jane’s mum and that only is enough to make Jane’s heart drop .

“Yes mum , anything for you . Now can you please stop saying that as you gonna stick around mum. You gonna see my kids mum , I’ll even let you take care of them” Jane just couldn’t hold her emotion anymore listening to her mum’s sad voice .

Reaching for Jane’s hand , her mum said “I know you guys have been together long enough for me to assure that Joey can really take care of you Jane,my one and only princess and , before I close this eyes of mine, I would be the happiest mum if you, Joey would like to take my daughter as your wife” 
Feeling like a bomb just explode , Jane just sit and gives a blank expression. “I would be honoured auntie, of course I’ll grant that wish of yours” answered Joey looking as sincere as he can.

Jane cannot deny how relieved she feels looking at her mother’s happy face upon hearing Joey saying yes . But Jane remember Jane! Joey left you , don’t you remember how miserable you was two years ago? How much tears you’ve wasted for that guy? To know the fact that Joey never really disappear from her life . Well yeah , he knew everything Jane did , from who did Jane met to how Jane dressed up . Yeah, Joey can appear scary sometime. But that is what actually made Jane confused. She’s not sure what Joey really wants , and now that Joey has agreed to marry her, only God knows what gonna happen next .

“Little bitchy Joey, why do you this to me? I freaking hate you so much I wish you have no one to marry on your wedding day. But I’m your bride , that’s why you’re so bitch Joey” mumbled Jane when she’s being make up by the makeup artist . “Now look at the bride , isn’t she looks gorgeous but with an if , if you just add some smile dear “ “Yeah right , the day I gonna start smiling back is after I got divorced from that guy” thought Jane as she was being carried to the mosque .

Now can we start the wedding please?

P/s: To be continued ... and please leave some comments whether it's good or it's boring . I just did this to fill my free time during the sem break :) 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Main cikgu-cikgu

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Hey dear readers ;)

So , it's the 1st August today and my august wish is ?

Emm emm =.= . i don't really have any specific one but i think i wish to find my feet fast in KMB that is to be clear on my goal , to put effort to understand whatever the teachers taught *especially math and TOK-urgh >,<  experiencing a lot of meltdown there* ,to balance my study with other important aspects in life, and last but not least , to enjoy my time being as an ib student :) , insyaallah.

so , my dear ,back to the real purpose of this post ,actually  i want to tell about my first experience of CAS today at Sek Ren Kanchong Tengah .

                                                *posing dengan deskmate tersayang jap :D

" Huh ? CAS ? Ape jadahnye tu ? "

Hee , save the question because this ib will newbie explain about it .

Creativity, action, service (CAS, or SAC in Austria) is a mandatory core component of the IB Diploma Programme. It aims to provide a 'counterbalance' to the academic rigour of the educational programme. Before the 2010 examination there was a 150 hour requirement, with an approximately equal distribution of creativity, action, and service. This was mainly done for two reasons: to ensure that students engage in meaningful activities and to decrease the amount of CAS fraud (i.e. claiming hours which have not been completed

and plus in my dictionary , cas means no class for the whole day*which i totally L.OV.E! , can sleep at 4am or even later than that :D* , and offering our services at the place we were given by the colleague .

so , for today , the services that we offered is teaching the weak students any subject that they prefer and me ? Firstly i taught a standard 3 student how to read faster and to identify the difference between 'ayat' and 'frasa' *yeah , i did that , by constantly reminding myself of "sabar itu separuh dari iman"*. Then the second one is i taught three students of how to make the five sentences *teringat kenangan upsr dolu2 :D*

                                         *me and my students :D

Hurm , so , what did i learnt through this ?

"It's not easy to be a teacher , not at all "

and by this ,my respect towards the teachers really become higher as only when u're in their shoes , only would you understand how much patience it takes to teach .

But , on top of all that , really enjoyed the times . I mean time really flies . We didn't even notice that it was time already for us to finish our class :) and most meaningfully , when we want to go back ,there was this student came to ask us " esok , akak datang lagi x ? " .

Alahai , so sweet kann ? ^_^ .

P/s: and again , no homework for today . Sighs , nak buat ape ni nak buat ape >,<

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Happy Ramadhan ma :)

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Hey ma ,
Been missing you as always ,
Infact it never changes since june 2007 ,
and how time really flies ,

It;s the fifth time celebrating Ramadhan without you already ,
But still i just feel as if ,
it was just yesterday ,
that you woke me up for sahur ,
and i continued sleeping on the couch ,

It was as if just yesterday ,
You cooked my favourite food for buka puasa ,
and i ate as if haven't eaten for years ,

and mom ,
it felt just as if ,
it was just yesterday ,
I celebrated ramadhan by still having you to be called ma ,

Ma ,
If you can see me right now ,
i would quickly wipe my tears away ,
as i wanna be as strong as you always do ,

and ma ,
if you can listen to me,
i just wanna wish ,
Happy ramadhan ma,

and i want you to know that ,
 there've  never been a day passed that i stopped missing you :|

Monday, 21 May 2012

A dream come true

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Hey dear readers :)

Whoaaa , feel like it had been ages since i updated my baby boo blog here . "=.=

So sorry sayang , hehe. Just sooo miserable these days thinking where to study and bla3 . But , don't worry laa. I'm back already . :)

So , my dear readers ,

Maybe i wasn't the straight a's student . Maybe i'm not one of the teacher's pets . Maybe i'm just the girl whom the teacher don't really took notice of . But apart of all the maybe's , i'm proud of myself actually *bukan takbur oke * .

So , yesss . I got 9 a's 1 c . A not so good result right especially with the c .

But i did work hard after my result as i truly believes in second chance . Every single links that my friends shared *super duper thanks to all of you * , i clicked and i filled every form that i found . My main goal is i want to study without having to burden anyone else and the only way to achieve it is by getting a scholarship .

and yessss , am happy to share that i got a scholarship from yayasan peneraju to further my study in international baccalaureate for two years in kolej mara banting and insyaallah gonna further my studies in pharmacy overseas :)

However , keep on reminding myself :

" Dah orang sponsor belajar tu belajar la bersungguh-sungguh . Sudah2 la ponteng apa semua tu . Umur dah 18 , kena la act macam umur awak tu . Nanti kang terkandas tengah jalan , haa, mati laaa"

Got it my dear ? Hee

P/s: People keep on asking me what the hell is this baccalaureate thing *fyi , me too have to google it every time i wanna spell it >.<* , so let me tell you this . Ib is just like a level . It's the kind of preparation programme before students study overseas .

Wanna know more ? Click this link :

International baccalauratte

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Torn apart -.-

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What to choose ?!!! What to chooseeeeee ?!!! 

Hee . hey dear readers :)

I'm sure even as stressed as i am right now , could never defeat above picture :D

So , my dear . what is actually stressing me out ?

Hoo laaa . sapo x stres ! Brapo minggu agy nop masuk universiti , pgap pilih pom dop agy nop blaja mano ! Grrr , bosey weh bosey ! Aiii seney2 g jadi bini ore lahh! 
Understand or not ? Hihi , actually the thing that i babble above is that i don't know how to make a right decision . Between Universiti Islam Malaysia , Matrik Negeri Sembilan and another two choices are still quite not sure yet which is a scholarship from yayasan peneraju potensi bumiputera and also a scholarship to further degree in chemistry oversea under mara .

Ask me which one is my first choice and i'll definitely answer that scholarship from yayasan peneraju . Whyyy ?

Cause i REALLY *let me just bold this word * , really wanted to further my studies in pharmacy . I mean REALLY .

But still everything seems so blurry -.- .

and to add icing on the cake , i haven't prepared anything . I mean nothing . Just staying at my brother's house right now , waking up at twelve , logging in my facebook , twitter ,whatsapping with my friends. Urgh , what a perfect life . I mean what could possibly be more boring than this ?

Looking at other's tweet about their preparation , Really , just make things worst . Puhlisss , somebody help me out here >.<

Ya Allah , you knew what is the best for me . Please guide me towards the best choice. Aminnnn 

Monday, 14 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day

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See that statement above ? It's normal you know . Yeah , nothing personal , i mean we're as human , we learn through a process of doing mistakes . :)

Just with a minor exception , during age 14 , i didn't have the chance to say that "my mom is so annoying " , as the only phrase i was able to say is " ma , i miss you " and at age 18 the only one i wanna say the most to my mom is " ma, i hope you're proud to see me now " .

My dear readers , this isn't the post to tell how much i missed my mom . But , i just want to tell how lucky you are for still having someone to hug and tell that everything's gonna be fine when everything seems so messed up ,someone that felt happy too for your joy , and someone that you know your secret is safe with .

But i know everything happen for a reason . Perhaps , i wouldn't be who i am today if i don't face all those obstacles . And again , i am thankful enough for whatever i have till today .Just wanna recall about what the interviewers from yayasan peneraju potensi told me :

" Your mom will always be a part of you . To see how fluent you speak in english , i can tell that your mom has done a great job in raising you "

Yeah and you know what

Happy mother's day , ma ,
Sorry if it's a bit late wishing you this ,
But for sure a day to appreciate everything you have done to me is far from enough ,

Even though by mere eyes i couldn't see you ,
But i feel you ,
In my deepest heart ,
You will always be a part of me ,
In everything i do ,
It will always be you that i wanna impress the most

Even words are not good enough to describe this ,
But I love you ,
Not only for everything you've done to me ,
But for what you've made me become .

Friday, 11 May 2012

Getting used to this

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Hey dear readers ;)

So , what day is today ? It's a friday and if before ,as a kelantanese , i was getting used to the idea that every friday is a holiday for us . But now that i'm in kl , it's a working day plus the fact that i'm not one of the worker , i just happened to have a mara interview today .

*maaf gambar sedikit blur . Silap photographer :P

So , above is the picture of us as a team . Here it goes , when i first came and register my name , the admin gave me an orange sticker *as you can see in the picture , which states C-1 that stands for chemistry first candidate .

Long story short , the interview went well i guess . But actually i have just being told during the interview that if we got this , we gonna further our studies in oversea bla3 , and when we return to malaysia ,we would have to be a mrsm teacher for 8 years probably at areas as sandakan and the kind of rural area .

My jaw just dropped . Haha , never imagined myself as a teacher actually and most importantly staying at that kind of areas . I think no . Not suitable for me at all . -.-

Then after finished the interview , i just walked alone , went to sogo , then komuter station , only to find out that i have to walk again to ktm station . From ktm masjid jamek  to segambut , i ride the wrong train and have to switch train at kl sentral . Phewww , what an experience . But , not just that ,  as i arrived at the segambut ktm station , walking alone as a lone ranger , waited for quite half an hour under the so "soothing" sun *ha'a , makk memang sukaa berjemur >.< * , then only a taxi stops to fetch me and alhamdulillah , arrived safe and sound already at home .

What a day -.-

But i guess , i should get used to this . After all , am turning 18 already . Must know how to stand on my own right ? I'm not moaning or being grumpy as i know this is the process of me slowly adapting to this new way of life:)

Saturday, 21 April 2012


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Hey dear readers ;)

So , how are you ? Me , just fine . Enjoying my quiet , single life and currently merendet at my brother's house at kuantan .;)

FYI ,  last night was the first night after one month and a half that i can be called " penganggur " again . :D . So ,as usual this amalin rosly always loves to do things in the eleventh hour . Ngee :D .Anyway , this girl have just realised that today is the last date for mara scholarship application .

Therefore , rinsing my face on 4am in the morning , i rushed to fill up the form . To add the icing on the cake , whoaa -.-, i have just being informed that i need to make an essay on myself and why i chose that course .

So , this is my essay *maafkan saya jika grammar berterabur atau bahasa biasa2 . Saya memang x pandai ponnn :D

Named as Nur Amalin binti Rosly , I am the 8th child of my family . Through great pain and caesarean way , I was born on 25th of November in Hospital Bukit Mertajam , Pulau Pinang . Without forgetting the one that had been enduring the pain in labour , my mother is Saadah bt Md Said and also , the one that paid the hospital bills , my father , Rosly bin Muhammad . I am currently staying at Kota Bharu , Kelantan as our family moved there when I was four years old . So , I am the youngest member in my family with two lovely sisters and five protective brothers 
My father have been retired now and is doing small businesses . Meanwhile , my mother was once an English teacher teaching at my primary school , Sekolah kebangsaan Chabang Empat . During 2006 , I sat for UPSR examination and apparently as a result of my hard work , I got 5 A’S and was being offered to enter SMK Ismail Petra which is my secondary school . So , entering secondary school for the first week was nothing but awkward . It was like I started learning from a again  . But , eventually I started to find my feet there and studied as if there’s no tomorrow . True indeed as people always says “ what we reap is what we sow“ , so I proved it by getting 8 a’s in PMR . Even though a year before I sat for my PMR examination, I went through a really hard time as it was the year my mother died of heart attack , but apparently this is not a girl who would grief for a year . I took my mother’s lost as something called fate and always keep  on reminding myself that I have a big responsibility of making my mother feeling proud of me as I am sure she is always watching me .

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass , it’s about learning how to dance in the rain “ , a quote I truly believes and bear in my mind . After my success in PMR , I decided not to apply to another school as I think if all the straight a’s student transfer to other school , then who would be left to raise our school’s name ? . So , continuing my study for upper primary in SMK Ismail Petra , I was lucky . All the teachers were very motivated and determined to teach us everything we need to know and as the time passed by , I realized my true passion , which is chemistry . I was so obsessed with all the calculation in that for a clean record , I have never been wrong in any question that involves calculation in chemistry .  Time really flies and without I realized I have finished answering all subjects in SPM .  

The senior years of mine was not full of books only but also with other activities . I joined choral speaking and represent our school in the district stage . In addition I also joined the school debate team and was the third speaker . Thankfully , we got to represent our QIT Penambang in district level and get the second place.

As the time passed and finally it was the day that all of us were waiting for ,the day the SPM’s result was being announced. Feeling anxious and excited , however could not denied my worries in physics as that’s the one and only subject I was sure I cannot answer it well . Apparently , my thought was right , I didn’t scored straight a’s because of physics . However , I was thankful enough , getting 9 a’s is not bad at all . Most importantly , I scored a in my favorite subject , chemistry .

Sticking to my belief , “ our greatest glory consists not in never falling but in rising every time we fall “ , so I believe even though I didn’t get straight a’s as other students it does not mean the end . I believe everybody deserves a second chance and so do I . Getting a scholarship to further my studies in chemistry would be a dream come true to me as hopefully one day I will be able to reach my deepest dream which is to be a pharmacist . I have suffered a major lost when I lose my mother and how I wished I could help others to reduce the pain . So far there is still no specific cure to heart attack and how I wished I could be the one holding the cure one day .

So , this is all about me , a girl that probably being looked as not as brilliant as those straight a’s student but really believe in myself that I could stand at the same level and probably higher than them one day and do trust that MARA could help me to achieve my dream .

P/s: For those who didn't know , let me inform you that you can only choose one between jpa and mara . And i chose mara as jpa only offers engineering -.-"

Monday, 5 March 2012

I miss him

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Ehehe, kontroversi tak tajuk post ni ?

Actually , before you jump into any conclusion , let me finish my sentence first .
"I miss him ,-->Shafiq nazhan "

Dear sapik ,
cik lin  miss those moments when ,
you laugh your heart out when u're being tickle ,
listening to you singing your own version of song ,
when you copy the way cik lin babble to you ,
and also when we dance together whenever we listen to songs. ;)

You have completed cik lin's life for the whole 3 months , making me feels like i'm the luckiest auntie ever to get a nephew like you . You are not an ordinary boy , that is one thing cik lin is very sure .

p/s: Post ini ditaip sambil mendengar lagu ~sedang apa dan di manaa, dirimu yang dulu ku cinta , ku x taw , x lagi taw seperti waktu dulu ~ :')

Sunday, 4 March 2012

What a journey

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Hey dear :)

As i'm typing this entry , actually i 'm waiting for the next plane to Kota bharu . So, last night had been an unbelievable one for me . Well , i'm quite proud to say that i'm a big girl already now . :D

Cannot quite believe what i say ?

Well , let me tell you something . I board flight from fukuoka to tokyo and then took two buses to go to the international terminal all by myself *p/s:Thanks to this uncle that pull me from getting on a wrong bus. :D, 
then board the plane from tokyo to kuala lumpur . 

and here i am , at the lcct ,sepang all by ,myself waiting for the next flight to kota bharu. 

So , all round up , i have had a great new experience . I  meet a lot of different people during my journey. For my flight from fukuoka to tokyo , i sit next to a japanese guy , so he cannot speak in english and that's it . But different from that flight , my flight from tokyo to kuala lumpur have been a great one . I met this girl named cara if i'm not mistaken . She's very friendly , enthusiastic and loves to learn about new culture . 

and i think i've been a good tourist guide for her . As i asked what is her favourite kind of food and then she told that she loves spicy food , so i recommend her to eat nasi lemak as we arrive in malaysia . She's like very excited , and to make things better , it appeared that airasia does provide nasi lemak .Eventhough that the price did really skyrocketed , *well,suits that we're actually at the sky :D *, she did ordered nasi lemak with the price of 1000yen that if converted to ringgit would cost about rm40 i think . . *p/s:if she wait a bit , she could eat the same nasi lemak with a better taste for rm1.50 only !. :P

so , that's it . There's a bit of drama actually during the flight from kuala lumpur to kota bharu . Well , you know airasia with their usual delaying thing . But alhamdulillah , i've arrived safe and sound already now tidying up my bedroom that doesn't look like one anymore .

p/s: Dear lovely friends , i really hope that me coming back to kelantan is a big present enough .:D. Hee, awin hanyalah bibik , tiada sen sangat untuk membeli ole2 . 

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Balik kampung ! :D

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Hey dear :D

It is finally the 4th of mac and thus means that it's time for me to go home a.k.a balik kampung already .

*p/s: hihi , ada bibik kesah lagu ni sebenarnya lagu raya ? :D
So , the flight is tonight , from fukuoka to tokyo , tokyo to kuala lumpur and finally tomorrow morning , kuala lumpur to kelantan . *sighs , bibik takut sebenarnya . Kot2 tertukar flight sampai ke bangla ke, kih3, x pernah terjadi macam tu kan ? :D

I really hope that as the tagline , "now , everyone can fly " , my journey today would be smooth and safe . Yeah , i have heard a lot about air asia especially when my own sister have had a not so nice experience with air asia  ,A letter to tony fernandes .

and lastly this is the last walk-walk eat air from this bibik in japan .

p/s: I think i would miss to refer myself as bibik because i'm no longer a bibik as i step my feet in malaysia. :D

Sunday, 26 February 2012

I'm the biggest loser wannabe

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Assalamualaikum to my dear readers . :)

It had been days since i have got inspiration to update my blog but fortunately ,today is not a disappointment :D.

Well,so as this is my blog , i mean mine ,therefore i consider this as my open diary . :) *boleh blah x gitu ?

So, dear diary , it had been quite a month since i came to japan , and stay with my lovely sister . I've had my best time , infact perhaps the greatest experience so far . It's like i feel like i had my mother back .

Whyy ?

Because you know what , an orphan like me, even as much as i smiled all the time , there's a big hole in my heart that needs someone to make me right , to point where did i screwed up ,and to make me someone who i have to be . :) , and my dear sister is the one that i should thank to for this valuable learning  .

Butt , don't worry . I'm not gonna cry lahh , I've cried too much before . :')

This post is actually about my  diet which screwed up . :D. Sighs , since i've finished my spm , my body have had a tremendous changes . And now that i'm staying in fukuoka ,it's winter , and you must know what do normal human being like me love to do . ,,,, which is makannnnn .

Enough of babbling already , this is the living proof to show how berisi i've been now.
 p/s: gamba ni ekslusif taw , kat fb pon itew x letak sbb maluu yang teramat :D

* just say it , i'm gemokk sangatt kan ? :'(

 Pipi kembung + baju tak muat + makan macam raksaksa = me now ..

Bukan salah ibu mengandung sebenarnya , :D. But, it's actually my fault that cannot stand seeing + smeeling delicous food . Plus the fact that my sister really loves to cook food that *uhh , x tahann makk taw .

P/s:Oke, so dahh tengok kan betapa gemuknya itew ? Dahh , jangan nak mengata, itew nak g makan pulak niey . :P

Sunday, 19 February 2012

It's a Snowing Day

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Hey dear readers .. :)

It felt like days since i updated this blog but actually it is just three days *p/s:hiperbola sangat bibik ni kann ? :D.  Yeah , as a bibik i'm a bit busy whenever weekend came . There was this feast , walking-walking eat air *p/s:jalan2 makan angin* , and bla3 .

But , long story short , I had a really good time this weekend . Blessed to have a sister like mine , i was given the golden chance  , the kind of chance that perhaps this is the first and last one for me to enjoy playing snow .

Snow ????

Yeah , the real snow or japanese called it yuki and malaysian call it salji and not to forget , kelantanese like me *ehehhe , called it salji as well ..:D

 *p/s:boleh blah tak gambar ni ? kalau x boleh blahh , sila muntah sekarang . :D

So, I really enjoyed this walking2 eat air . It's like some kind of rejuvenation that i felt like a small girl again playing slide on the snow . *eheh, walaupun masa kecik , tgok kat tv je salji tuu :D*

This time our destination was Tenzan Ski Resort .

Bitsy little information about Tenzan Ski resort :

Tenzan Ski Resort is the only full-service ski resort available in Kyushu and is covered with artificial snow. The resort opens from the middle of November to the end of March. Ski runs are located at 700 to 900m high and 600 to 1,000 m long. The resort offers special programs for groups of foreigners. Visitors can also enjoy various activities besides skiing such as snowball fighting and snow-sledding.
While during summer time, grass-skiing and mountain hiking are popular. The area also provides three tennis courts and a swimming pool. Besides various activities, visitors can also enjoy spectacular scenery with over 4,000 lavender plants bloom at the same time.

Next , there are some pictures of this fortunate bibik enjoying the snow :)
                              *abaikan tudung yang senget benget dan senyum kerenyih ituu :D

and last but not least , please enjoy this posing picture of us . :D

 p/s: Sometime i do wonder that all those praise is genuine or not . I knew that sometimes, i do admit that me myself did became fake for some reason . *eheh , bibik sangatt lah plastikk :P..

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wish you were here

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Hey my dear readers .:')

This song really reflects the way I feel all this time . I always wish my mom would be here with me .:')

Actually , I'm fine . Seriously , I'm just fine . Time already heals the wound . But it just make me care when I saw others that have gone through my experience still struggling just to put a smile on their face .

So , I'm thinking whyy not I share my experience too . Sharing this doen not means I'm weak or whatsoever , but just want to make others know that I'm strong . Whyy ?

Because I knew what lost means more than others .

For anyone who have lost someone they loved so much *like me* , I knew that most of the time when others are not looking ,  they would wipe their tears quietly .

Yeah , that's the truth . Same goes for me . 

I lost my mother at a very young age . So , there are times that I really wish that she would be here looking at what I'va achieved this far . Although , there aren't so much success , but at least I got straight A for pmr . And you know what , every time I entered any competition and either I win or lose , I have no one to tell .

That's the most painful feeling I have ever felt . Like you just want to tell everything on your mind but when you look , there's no one by your side .

But , I'm so lucky that I came from a large family . I have 8 siblings , a lot of aunt , uncle , nephew , nieces and friends . They are my strength actually .

So , I'm hoping for those have been through the same experience , broaden your outlook. Try to look further . There are so many other people less fortunate than you . For example , this friend of mine , lost both of his parent during standard 6 , but still live his life as if there is no tomorrow. :P
*sori guna mg jd contoh. :D

P/s: Life is too short to cry . Try to smile ., It would look much better . :)

The Nanny Diaries #2

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Assalamualaikum to all the readers *kalau ada la :D

So , it is time for my nanny diary already .

Waking up at 9 a.m today , *hee , thought still early actually * , and then again frying the jeput again and still hangit . 
                                   *jangan terpedaya dgn paras rupa . Sedap hingga menjilat kaki taw :D *wink3

Then , as it is time for bibik to tidy up the house . In order to convince how this bibik so efficient , let me show you the changes before and after . 
                                         This is before ..
                                        p/s: pesakit jantung tidak dinasihatkan untuk join sekaki . :D.

~ and thennnn , tadaaaaaa ! 

*Haaa , nampak tak betapa efisiennya bibik ni ? So ,ape lagi ? Isi borang  cepat kalau nak upah jugakk . :P

So , after finished tidying up the room , It's time for bibik and little boss to enjoy . :DDD
                                       *I'm sexy and i know it *

Haa , that's my little boss dancing his heart out . :)

p/s: Mine picture dancing is too explicit . :P *Just kidding ! Well , I'm sexy and i know it . :)


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Nanny Diaries #1

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Dear , See that picture above ? Well that's kinda me . Again ,,why kinda ?

Yeah , because I do admit that I'm not as hot as that . Simple ,isn't it ? I'm just as sejuk senyek *as aming always said *  as ever  .

So , let me tell you something . Scarlett Johannson is not the only one can be a nanny . I also can la . :). As easy as abc , as tiring as fighting the tidal wave .

But , mind you that I'm a professional nanny . Really , a professional one . Hire me ,and you would see . *just kidding ok , never on earth I would make this my career . :P

Seee , I told you before . I'm just like other so called professional nanny that I even got a schedule .

So , at morning , at temperature around 7 celcius, I woke up lazily , brush my teeth , wash my face . Don't mention about bath , *really hate it .

Next , I prepare breakfast for this budak butuk . I love him though he keep getting on my nerves.

                                          *Kawaaiii , isn't he ?

And breakfast for today is 'jeput ' . Ohmyy , I don't know how to spell them ,. So , a picture might help a lot ,right ? After all , a picture is worth a thousand words .

                 *Mind you , I'm not a chef , just a nanny . So , that hangit thing is quite normal  *wink3

And then , as all normal nanny did . Put my nephew into the bathroom , prepare clothes for him , put lotion all over his body . *It;s winter right now , so not putting the lotion would mean dry, dry skin all over body . -.-

Next is putting him into his toy room and let him play while I do all other chores .

e.g: Sweeping , mopping , cooking , and other verbs that ends with 'ing' . :D

Finishing everything on the list , the next task is the one I'm addicted to , facebooking . :))

And when it's the time to eat ,let me show you how bibik modern eat . :P
        *cheese cake + strawberry with chocolate + fresh milk *demand sangat bibik sekarang . :P

P/s: When would japanese would ever learn how to speak in english ? Yeah , it's true that they're proud with their language , but still , it never kill for them to learn others too. Just saying though , thought that other tourist would agree too. :)

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Assalamualaikum .

It had been so long since I last kinda being a blogger . Why kinda ?  :D. Just thinking that my blog before is kinda childish . -.-

So this is the new me ,. New year , so I'm thinking , why not new blog ? :)

| Once upon a time |,.
As all my favourite childhood stories , so does my blog's name . 

So , once upon a time , there was a girl , so captivated with all the fairy tales and everything that ends with happily ever after . She too , thinks life would be as easy as that .

But apparently as the time flies , as she grew , she learnt a fact . She learnt that life is not always a bed of roses . At 14 years old , she lost her dearest mother . She was such a cry baby at that time . She was so taken aback that she took a month before she could face others .

Then , life was not so easy for her afterwards . Losing a mother at that age , it was just too much for her to bear . But then , a fact struck her . Her family need her . If before ,her mum would cook delicous meals for the family , then now it is her duty .

She learnt how to prepare breakfast , how to tidy up the house and the list goes on and on . In shortform , she learnt how life really is .

And actually , she is me . Now 18 years old , finished my spm . Now staying at Fukuoka for a month . Waiting for spm result . Still hoping for silver shining at the end of my journey .

p/s: Thanks for lending me those beautiful eyes of yours reading my crappy blog . Enjoice ! :D


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