Wednesday, 26 July 2017

UK Trip Part II: London

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Well hello again. So long it's been since I have the rajinness to continue my UK trip story. But the day has come so I shall continue my dream come true trip post.

Sooo, London...

The city, I mean THE CITY that I actually never thought I would ever have the chance to set my foot at.

But I did. So of course it felt awesome. Wait awesome doesn't actually do justice to what I felt throughout my stay there.

It was just magical. It wasn't just the place actually, it was also because of my awesome travel buddies; Eqin, kak long and Aqil whom without I would have surely be stranded somewhere around London, frozen :D

During the morning of our first day of the trip, they brought me to all the must-go places in London: Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, Big Ben.

Buckingham Palace

Tower Bridge

Eye of London

Hyde Park

Big Ben

Somewhere near the Buckingham Palace

After all the sightseeing, we went to  have our lunch at a Thai restaurant nearby Malaysian hall (I really really forgot the name). Then we prayed at Malaysian hall. After that we did some souvenir shopping.

And.. after that guess where did we go next?

The clue is where no muggles were allowed.

Yasss it's Harry Potter Warner Studios!

Everyone who knows me well enough would know how obsessed I am with Harry Potter. I read all the books, literally memorised the line from the movies and watched the movies whenever I'm not feeling well.

So, you guys can guess how excited I was throughout the studio tour right?

I'll just let the pictures tell you the stories then.

Oh no big deal. Was just going to see Dumbledore in the principal's office

Us practising in our Defense Against the Dark Arts class

Right before we board our train to Hogwarts

To Hogwarts we goooooo

Paying Dudley, Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon a visit

Buying my witchcraft supplies from Diagon Alley

Buying our Firebolt 
Okay if you're a die hard fan like me, you would definitely get all the references. If not, well sadly you're a muggle :3

Oh and one tip I can give to anyone who's planning to go there, make sure you buy the tickets very early or else it's gonna be sold out.

And one more thing, do try the butterbeer drink and ice cream. It tasted so good I still remember the taste until now.

Well then, that's all for now. I cannot stress how lucky I am actually to have these 3 people in my life. Thank you so much for taking a really good care of this jakun girl in London. May Allah bless them and keep them in my life forever.

Till then, goodbye


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