Sunday, 20 December 2015

Getting older and cheesier

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When you were a kid, have you ever wondered what it feels like to be an adult? And have you ever wished to become one? I do. Or grammatically speaking, I did. 

I once thought that adults knew what they were doing. 
I once thought that adults knew exactly where they were going.

But as the time passes,
and what seems to be the fun time ended, 
I began to see what adult really is about, 

It's about making decision on your own,
and having to answer to the consequences,
also on your own,

It's about seeing things more clearly, 
though it's not always a good thing,
though sometimes it means you suddenly realise the hurtful facts of something

It's about feeling more and more,
and appreciating more,
and sometimes being hurt more,

But that's life as i know throughout these 21 years

I have felt happiness, 
when my mother used to cook my favorite dishes, 
when my sister used to buy me my barbie dolls, 
when I got my straight As result in my exams, 

And i have also felt pain,
when my mother left me,
when i fought with my sister,
and when my result was too bad to be shown to anyone,

But then again, that's life as I know throughout these 21 years. The life that has taught me a lot of valuable lessons. I surely sounds cheesy and all but mann I'm really thankful for this life and I do expect so much more to live in the future. 
Thanks for the fancy treat guys :D
Andd thanks to orang jauh that sponsored the birthday cakes all the way from UK :D

So yeah, Happy belated 21st birthday to me (just got the time to blog about my own birthday since I have just finished my exam :D)

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