Monday, 5 March 2012

I miss him

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Ehehe, kontroversi tak tajuk post ni ?

Actually , before you jump into any conclusion , let me finish my sentence first .
"I miss him ,-->Shafiq nazhan "

Dear sapik ,
cik lin  miss those moments when ,
you laugh your heart out when u're being tickle ,
listening to you singing your own version of song ,
when you copy the way cik lin babble to you ,
and also when we dance together whenever we listen to songs. ;)

You have completed cik lin's life for the whole 3 months , making me feels like i'm the luckiest auntie ever to get a nephew like you . You are not an ordinary boy , that is one thing cik lin is very sure .

p/s: Post ini ditaip sambil mendengar lagu ~sedang apa dan di manaa, dirimu yang dulu ku cinta , ku x taw , x lagi taw seperti waktu dulu ~ :')

Sunday, 4 March 2012

What a journey

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 21:53 2 comments
Hey dear :)

As i'm typing this entry , actually i 'm waiting for the next plane to Kota bharu . So, last night had been an unbelievable one for me . Well , i'm quite proud to say that i'm a big girl already now . :D

Cannot quite believe what i say ?

Well , let me tell you something . I board flight from fukuoka to tokyo and then took two buses to go to the international terminal all by myself *p/s:Thanks to this uncle that pull me from getting on a wrong bus. :D, 
then board the plane from tokyo to kuala lumpur . 

and here i am , at the lcct ,sepang all by ,myself waiting for the next flight to kota bharu. 

So , all round up , i have had a great new experience . I  meet a lot of different people during my journey. For my flight from fukuoka to tokyo , i sit next to a japanese guy , so he cannot speak in english and that's it . But different from that flight , my flight from tokyo to kuala lumpur have been a great one . I met this girl named cara if i'm not mistaken . She's very friendly , enthusiastic and loves to learn about new culture . 

and i think i've been a good tourist guide for her . As i asked what is her favourite kind of food and then she told that she loves spicy food , so i recommend her to eat nasi lemak as we arrive in malaysia . She's like very excited , and to make things better , it appeared that airasia does provide nasi lemak .Eventhough that the price did really skyrocketed , *well,suits that we're actually at the sky :D *, she did ordered nasi lemak with the price of 1000yen that if converted to ringgit would cost about rm40 i think . . *p/s:if she wait a bit , she could eat the same nasi lemak with a better taste for rm1.50 only !. :P

so , that's it . There's a bit of drama actually during the flight from kuala lumpur to kota bharu . Well , you know airasia with their usual delaying thing . But alhamdulillah , i've arrived safe and sound already now tidying up my bedroom that doesn't look like one anymore .

p/s: Dear lovely friends , i really hope that me coming back to kelantan is a big present enough .:D. Hee, awin hanyalah bibik , tiada sen sangat untuk membeli ole2 . 

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Balik kampung ! :D

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Hey dear :D

It is finally the 4th of mac and thus means that it's time for me to go home a.k.a balik kampung already .

*p/s: hihi , ada bibik kesah lagu ni sebenarnya lagu raya ? :D
So , the flight is tonight , from fukuoka to tokyo , tokyo to kuala lumpur and finally tomorrow morning , kuala lumpur to kelantan . *sighs , bibik takut sebenarnya . Kot2 tertukar flight sampai ke bangla ke, kih3, x pernah terjadi macam tu kan ? :D

I really hope that as the tagline , "now , everyone can fly " , my journey today would be smooth and safe . Yeah , i have heard a lot about air asia especially when my own sister have had a not so nice experience with air asia  ,A letter to tony fernandes .

and lastly this is the last walk-walk eat air from this bibik in japan .

p/s: I think i would miss to refer myself as bibik because i'm no longer a bibik as i step my feet in malaysia. :D


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