Monday, 5 March 2012

I miss him

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 23:20
Ehehe, kontroversi tak tajuk post ni ?

Actually , before you jump into any conclusion , let me finish my sentence first .
"I miss him ,-->Shafiq nazhan "

Dear sapik ,
cik lin  miss those moments when ,
you laugh your heart out when u're being tickle ,
listening to you singing your own version of song ,
when you copy the way cik lin babble to you ,
and also when we dance together whenever we listen to songs. ;)

You have completed cik lin's life for the whole 3 months , making me feels like i'm the luckiest auntie ever to get a nephew like you . You are not an ordinary boy , that is one thing cik lin is very sure .

p/s: Post ini ditaip sambil mendengar lagu ~sedang apa dan di manaa, dirimu yang dulu ku cinta , ku x taw , x lagi taw seperti waktu dulu ~ :')


transformed housewife said...

Nazhan is your niece? hehehe. Silapla CIk Lin patutnya "nephew".

Amalin Rosly said...

Ehhh , hihi . Kesilapan teknikal sikik tadii . Hehe, jap naop betol . :D

yatie chomeyl said...

he miss u too cik lin

Amalin Rosly said...

Hee, engatkan cik lin sorey jah rindu ko sapik . Send my hugs and kisses for him kak ti . Nati nop webcam nga dy deh .

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