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This novel of mine :)

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“What was she thinking at that time ! “ Jane cannot stop getting mad with herself for accepting Joey in the first place . “ “ Why was I so stupid for thinking maybe he’s not the same like the other guy . Why ohhh why ? “

All those thoughts are lingering in her head until her blackberry vibrates . “ Uhh , joey ! Whatever this moron want from me this time “ , but still her hand grab the phone to see joey’s bbm .

“ Got something important to talk to you . See you 3pm at usual place “

“Whatever Joey whatever “ , Jane just throws her phone on her bed and cuddles in her blanket . Little does she know seconds after that her tears just flowed swiftly as she just could not deny how much she still care about Joey .

“Stupid Joey stupid me. Ahh I got to sort this out before I become any crazier “Picking up her phone, she started to get herself ready. Yeah Joey, it has been two years and we’re still clinging on this tiny invisible string which I don’t even know what to call.

Putting on pink lipstick and a bit of baby powder, Jane knows herself better. She just doesn’t have to put too much effort. So , going out of her house wearing white peplum with red skirt and black head scarf , she just look as elegant as she always did . Looking at the fact, it’s not that no one tried to tackle her, but it’s her cold reaction that can scare anyone who made a move on her and also she got a tiny little problem she couldn’t solve .

 Her mum, she was too scared to tell her mum about the reality of her relationship with Joey as she knew how much her mum adores Joey and how her health will be affected if she knew the truth. “This bloody thing is freaking complicated “, mumbled Jane as she is waiting for Joey. “Talking about me darling? “  . Joey just appeared out of nowhere looking like the Hugo Boss model as always , well at least in Jane’s vision that is how Joey always s appears to her .

“Whatever Joey whatever. You said you wanted to tell something important .Shoot. “Keeping her composure, Jane just pretend as if she felt nothing when inside her heartbeat just uncontrollable .
“Well Jane , I  hope you’ll listen “ * phone vibrate . “Wait, I got a call, it’s from daddy “quickly Jane answered the call. “Yeah daddy, whattt ?! Ok I’ll go now.”   “Why? What the hell just happened?“ Joey just pulled Jane’s hand asking for explanation.

“Let go of my hand you fool . FYI , It’s none of your business and now can you just please let go of my hand! “ “Ok , I’m sorry . Now can you just please tell me what’s happening? “begged Joey . “Just shut up and get into the car please ?” Jane just cannot acts cool anymore and drive like she owns the road . Upon reaching the hospital , she just leaves the car with Joey and asks him to park it for her . “Lucky I’ve known you long enough Jane “ , mumbled Joey seeing Jane being panic as hell .

Joey rushes to the ward just to see Jane’s sad expression beside her mother’s bed. “ What’s wrong Jane ? Hye auntie “Smiled Joey and kissed Jane’s mum like he always did. Joey notices Jane’s making face but he just acts natural. “Glad you came Joey” smiled Jane’s mum while trying hard to sit. “Let me help you auntie” offered Joey upon seeing how hard Jane’s mum tries.

“Thanks Joey. U’re a great guy, glad my daughter found someone like you ““Mum please , don’t flatter him too much” cut Jane as she is a bit fed up to continue that conversation. “I haven’t finished my sentence yet Jane. Can you guys especially Jane, listen carefully what I’m trying to say?”  “Ok now I really want to go from here fast” thought Jane as she feels as if she knows what her mum is trying to say the next second. “You know I won’t last any longer with emm you guys know about my cancer. And I really have a favour I would like to ask you guys” uttered Jane’s mum and that only is enough to make Jane’s heart drop .

“Yes mum , anything for you . Now can you please stop saying that as you gonna stick around mum. You gonna see my kids mum , I’ll even let you take care of them” Jane just couldn’t hold her emotion anymore listening to her mum’s sad voice .

Reaching for Jane’s hand , her mum said “I know you guys have been together long enough for me to assure that Joey can really take care of you Jane,my one and only princess and , before I close this eyes of mine, I would be the happiest mum if you, Joey would like to take my daughter as your wife” 
Feeling like a bomb just explode , Jane just sit and gives a blank expression. “I would be honoured auntie, of course I’ll grant that wish of yours” answered Joey looking as sincere as he can.

Jane cannot deny how relieved she feels looking at her mother’s happy face upon hearing Joey saying yes . But Jane remember Jane! Joey left you , don’t you remember how miserable you was two years ago? How much tears you’ve wasted for that guy? To know the fact that Joey never really disappear from her life . Well yeah , he knew everything Jane did , from who did Jane met to how Jane dressed up . Yeah, Joey can appear scary sometime. But that is what actually made Jane confused. She’s not sure what Joey really wants , and now that Joey has agreed to marry her, only God knows what gonna happen next .

“Little bitchy Joey, why do you this to me? I freaking hate you so much I wish you have no one to marry on your wedding day. But I’m your bride , that’s why you’re so bitch Joey” mumbled Jane when she’s being make up by the makeup artist . “Now look at the bride , isn’t she looks gorgeous but with an if , if you just add some smile dear “ “Yeah right , the day I gonna start smiling back is after I got divorced from that guy” thought Jane as she was being carried to the mosque .

Now can we start the wedding please?

P/s: To be continued ... and please leave some comments whether it's good or it's boring . I just did this to fill my free time during the sem break :) 

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