Monday, 21 May 2012

A dream come true

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Hey dear readers :)

Whoaaa , feel like it had been ages since i updated my baby boo blog here . "=.=

So sorry sayang , hehe. Just sooo miserable these days thinking where to study and bla3 . But , don't worry laa. I'm back already . :)

So , my dear readers ,

Maybe i wasn't the straight a's student . Maybe i'm not one of the teacher's pets . Maybe i'm just the girl whom the teacher don't really took notice of . But apart of all the maybe's , i'm proud of myself actually *bukan takbur oke * .

So , yesss . I got 9 a's 1 c . A not so good result right especially with the c .

But i did work hard after my result as i truly believes in second chance . Every single links that my friends shared *super duper thanks to all of you * , i clicked and i filled every form that i found . My main goal is i want to study without having to burden anyone else and the only way to achieve it is by getting a scholarship .

and yessss , am happy to share that i got a scholarship from yayasan peneraju to further my study in international baccalaureate for two years in kolej mara banting and insyaallah gonna further my studies in pharmacy overseas :)

However , keep on reminding myself :

" Dah orang sponsor belajar tu belajar la bersungguh-sungguh . Sudah2 la ponteng apa semua tu . Umur dah 18 , kena la act macam umur awak tu . Nanti kang terkandas tengah jalan , haa, mati laaa"

Got it my dear ? Hee

P/s: People keep on asking me what the hell is this baccalaureate thing *fyi , me too have to google it every time i wanna spell it >.<* , so let me tell you this . Ib is just like a level . It's the kind of preparation programme before students study overseas .

Wanna know more ? Click this link :

International baccalauratte

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Torn apart -.-

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What to choose ?!!! What to chooseeeeee ?!!! 

Hee . hey dear readers :)

I'm sure even as stressed as i am right now , could never defeat above picture :D

So , my dear . what is actually stressing me out ?

Hoo laaa . sapo x stres ! Brapo minggu agy nop masuk universiti , pgap pilih pom dop agy nop blaja mano ! Grrr , bosey weh bosey ! Aiii seney2 g jadi bini ore lahh! 
Understand or not ? Hihi , actually the thing that i babble above is that i don't know how to make a right decision . Between Universiti Islam Malaysia , Matrik Negeri Sembilan and another two choices are still quite not sure yet which is a scholarship from yayasan peneraju potensi bumiputera and also a scholarship to further degree in chemistry oversea under mara .

Ask me which one is my first choice and i'll definitely answer that scholarship from yayasan peneraju . Whyyy ?

Cause i REALLY *let me just bold this word * , really wanted to further my studies in pharmacy . I mean REALLY .

But still everything seems so blurry -.- .

and to add icing on the cake , i haven't prepared anything . I mean nothing . Just staying at my brother's house right now , waking up at twelve , logging in my facebook , twitter ,whatsapping with my friends. Urgh , what a perfect life . I mean what could possibly be more boring than this ?

Looking at other's tweet about their preparation , Really , just make things worst . Puhlisss , somebody help me out here >.<

Ya Allah , you knew what is the best for me . Please guide me towards the best choice. Aminnnn 

Monday, 14 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day

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See that statement above ? It's normal you know . Yeah , nothing personal , i mean we're as human , we learn through a process of doing mistakes . :)

Just with a minor exception , during age 14 , i didn't have the chance to say that "my mom is so annoying " , as the only phrase i was able to say is " ma , i miss you " and at age 18 the only one i wanna say the most to my mom is " ma, i hope you're proud to see me now " .

My dear readers , this isn't the post to tell how much i missed my mom . But , i just want to tell how lucky you are for still having someone to hug and tell that everything's gonna be fine when everything seems so messed up ,someone that felt happy too for your joy , and someone that you know your secret is safe with .

But i know everything happen for a reason . Perhaps , i wouldn't be who i am today if i don't face all those obstacles . And again , i am thankful enough for whatever i have till today .Just wanna recall about what the interviewers from yayasan peneraju potensi told me :

" Your mom will always be a part of you . To see how fluent you speak in english , i can tell that your mom has done a great job in raising you "

Yeah and you know what

Happy mother's day , ma ,
Sorry if it's a bit late wishing you this ,
But for sure a day to appreciate everything you have done to me is far from enough ,

Even though by mere eyes i couldn't see you ,
But i feel you ,
In my deepest heart ,
You will always be a part of me ,
In everything i do ,
It will always be you that i wanna impress the most

Even words are not good enough to describe this ,
But I love you ,
Not only for everything you've done to me ,
But for what you've made me become .

Friday, 11 May 2012

Getting used to this

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Hey dear readers ;)

So , what day is today ? It's a friday and if before ,as a kelantanese , i was getting used to the idea that every friday is a holiday for us . But now that i'm in kl , it's a working day plus the fact that i'm not one of the worker , i just happened to have a mara interview today .

*maaf gambar sedikit blur . Silap photographer :P

So , above is the picture of us as a team . Here it goes , when i first came and register my name , the admin gave me an orange sticker *as you can see in the picture , which states C-1 that stands for chemistry first candidate .

Long story short , the interview went well i guess . But actually i have just being told during the interview that if we got this , we gonna further our studies in oversea bla3 , and when we return to malaysia ,we would have to be a mrsm teacher for 8 years probably at areas as sandakan and the kind of rural area .

My jaw just dropped . Haha , never imagined myself as a teacher actually and most importantly staying at that kind of areas . I think no . Not suitable for me at all . -.-

Then after finished the interview , i just walked alone , went to sogo , then komuter station , only to find out that i have to walk again to ktm station . From ktm masjid jamek  to segambut , i ride the wrong train and have to switch train at kl sentral . Phewww , what an experience . But , not just that ,  as i arrived at the segambut ktm station , walking alone as a lone ranger , waited for quite half an hour under the so "soothing" sun *ha'a , makk memang sukaa berjemur >.< * , then only a taxi stops to fetch me and alhamdulillah , arrived safe and sound already at home .

What a day -.-

But i guess , i should get used to this . After all , am turning 18 already . Must know how to stand on my own right ? I'm not moaning or being grumpy as i know this is the process of me slowly adapting to this new way of life:)


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