Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Torn apart -.-

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 01:10
What to choose ?!!! What to chooseeeeee ?!!! 

Hee . hey dear readers :)

I'm sure even as stressed as i am right now , could never defeat above picture :D

So , my dear . what is actually stressing me out ?

Hoo laaa . sapo x stres ! Brapo minggu agy nop masuk universiti , pgap pilih pom dop agy nop blaja mano ! Grrr , bosey weh bosey ! Aiii seney2 g jadi bini ore lahh! 
Understand or not ? Hihi , actually the thing that i babble above is that i don't know how to make a right decision . Between Universiti Islam Malaysia , Matrik Negeri Sembilan and another two choices are still quite not sure yet which is a scholarship from yayasan peneraju potensi bumiputera and also a scholarship to further degree in chemistry oversea under mara .

Ask me which one is my first choice and i'll definitely answer that scholarship from yayasan peneraju . Whyyy ?

Cause i REALLY *let me just bold this word * , really wanted to further my studies in pharmacy . I mean REALLY .

But still everything seems so blurry -.- .

and to add icing on the cake , i haven't prepared anything . I mean nothing . Just staying at my brother's house right now , waking up at twelve , logging in my facebook , twitter ,whatsapping with my friends. Urgh , what a perfect life . I mean what could possibly be more boring than this ?

Looking at other's tweet about their preparation , Really , just make things worst . Puhlisss , somebody help me out here >.<

Ya Allah , you knew what is the best for me . Please guide me towards the best choice. Aminnnn 


transformed housewife said...

buat semaye iskhtikhoroh. Insyallah Awin tahu hok mano terbaik utk Awin.

Amalin Rosly said...

Hurm , ok2 kak nur ;)

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