Monday, 21 May 2012

A dream come true

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 22:04
Hey dear readers :)

Whoaaa , feel like it had been ages since i updated my baby boo blog here . "=.=

So sorry sayang , hehe. Just sooo miserable these days thinking where to study and bla3 . But , don't worry laa. I'm back already . :)

So , my dear readers ,

Maybe i wasn't the straight a's student . Maybe i'm not one of the teacher's pets . Maybe i'm just the girl whom the teacher don't really took notice of . But apart of all the maybe's , i'm proud of myself actually *bukan takbur oke * .

So , yesss . I got 9 a's 1 c . A not so good result right especially with the c .

But i did work hard after my result as i truly believes in second chance . Every single links that my friends shared *super duper thanks to all of you * , i clicked and i filled every form that i found . My main goal is i want to study without having to burden anyone else and the only way to achieve it is by getting a scholarship .

and yessss , am happy to share that i got a scholarship from yayasan peneraju to further my study in international baccalaureate for two years in kolej mara banting and insyaallah gonna further my studies in pharmacy overseas :)

However , keep on reminding myself :

" Dah orang sponsor belajar tu belajar la bersungguh-sungguh . Sudah2 la ponteng apa semua tu . Umur dah 18 , kena la act macam umur awak tu . Nanti kang terkandas tengah jalan , haa, mati laaa"

Got it my dear ? Hee

P/s: People keep on asking me what the hell is this baccalaureate thing *fyi , me too have to google it every time i wanna spell it >.<* , so let me tell you this . Ib is just like a level . It's the kind of preparation programme before students study overseas .

Wanna know more ? Click this link :

International baccalauratte


transformed housewife said...

that is in fact a chance that you'll get once in a lifetime. So, don't waste it.

Amalin Rosly said...

Noted . Hehe , i will .Insyaallah :)

yatie chomeyl said...

mano ado like A level, dio tulis doh kat info tu "Program ini merupakan program peringkat diploma yang dikendalikan oleh International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO)"' maksudnyo level diploam ala. koya nok oyat supo A level bagai wakakaka

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