Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Like an infinity I cannot fathom into numbers

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Here's to the most amazing, caring and loving person I have ever met, my mom

Happy 58th birthday ma,
I miss you so much over these years,
That i grew numb to the pain,

Eventhough by mere eyes i cannot see you,
But I feel you,
Flowing through my vein,
Through every lonely night I faced missing you,
Through all the times I thought I was done but your memories keep me going,
Through every happiness I wish you'd be there watching me,

I love you mom,
And I never meant to make it past tense,
Because it's a forever thing,
It's the kind of love I would keep for the rest of my life,

You know why?
Because loving you is so effortless,
And painful at times,
But it hurts me in a good way,
In a way it reminds me how losing you taught me to grow up,

And I did ma,
I did,

And i know you're always watching me,
And i hope i make you proud,

Al-fatihah to my late mom.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

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In your life,
There will be times,
When you thought that you were doomed,
That you're going to spend the rest of your life,
Stargazing alone and have no one to tell about it,

And I have had those times,
So dark and alone,
So deserted I thought no one would ever able to find me,

Until our path cross,
Until you found me,
and suddenly it wasn't all pitch dark anymore,

and I'll forever be thankful for our little collision,
because if it wasn't for it,
twilight would still be my sky,
and i would not still have you,

and you know what?

that would be,
the loneliest vision I've ever imagined,

as how can a constellation works without the stars.


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