Monday, 21 July 2014


Posted by Amalin Rosly at 06:04 2 comments

So, here is a verse that He gave to me when I was so tired fighting for my dream and Subhanallah.. indeed there is no words as beautiful as His ;)

The thing about us human is that, we plan and we work hard to achieve our goals and when we fail, we felt so disappointed we forgot that Allah is the best planner of all. And I, was one of them. I forgot.

I forgot that despite of how hard I studied to achieve my dream to study overseas, despite of how tired I was when I went to and fro to my college, Pejabat MARA and pejabat Peneraju to appeal, the thing is when it's written so, you can try so hard but still you can't change it.

And so I learnt the value of acceptance the hard way.

The same way I will learn to embrace my new journey here. May Allah ease


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