Wednesday, 26 July 2017

UK Trip Part II: London

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Well hello again. So long it's been since I have the rajinness to continue my UK trip story. But the day has come so I shall continue my dream come true trip post.

Sooo, London...

The city, I mean THE CITY that I actually never thought I would ever have the chance to set my foot at.

But I did. So of course it felt awesome. Wait awesome doesn't actually do justice to what I felt throughout my stay there.

It was just magical. It wasn't just the place actually, it was also because of my awesome travel buddies; Eqin, kak long and Aqil whom without I would have surely be stranded somewhere around London, frozen :D

During the morning of our first day of the trip, they brought me to all the must-go places in London: Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, Big Ben.

Buckingham Palace

Tower Bridge

Eye of London

Hyde Park

Big Ben

Somewhere near the Buckingham Palace

After all the sightseeing, we went to  have our lunch at a Thai restaurant nearby Malaysian hall (I really really forgot the name). Then we prayed at Malaysian hall. After that we did some souvenir shopping.

And.. after that guess where did we go next?

The clue is where no muggles were allowed.

Yasss it's Harry Potter Warner Studios!

Everyone who knows me well enough would know how obsessed I am with Harry Potter. I read all the books, literally memorised the line from the movies and watched the movies whenever I'm not feeling well.

So, you guys can guess how excited I was throughout the studio tour right?

I'll just let the pictures tell you the stories then.

Oh no big deal. Was just going to see Dumbledore in the principal's office

Us practising in our Defense Against the Dark Arts class

Right before we board our train to Hogwarts

To Hogwarts we goooooo

Paying Dudley, Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon a visit

Buying my witchcraft supplies from Diagon Alley

Buying our Firebolt 
Okay if you're a die hard fan like me, you would definitely get all the references. If not, well sadly you're a muggle :3

Oh and one tip I can give to anyone who's planning to go there, make sure you buy the tickets very early or else it's gonna be sold out.

And one more thing, do try the butterbeer drink and ice cream. It tasted so good I still remember the taste until now.

Well then, that's all for now. I cannot stress how lucky I am actually to have these 3 people in my life. Thank you so much for taking a really good care of this jakun girl in London. May Allah bless them and keep them in my life forever.

Till then, goodbye

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

UK Trip Part 1

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Umm I don't know how to start this post but I kind of had my dream came true after I finished my sem 6 exarmination.

I have always wanted to travel to UK my whole life and when I finally did, it was as if I was in a long good dream and I wished I never have to wake up from it. 

Anyway, my flight was on 12th April at 11.30 p.m and Aqil being very cautious asked me to go to airport pukul 5 petang lagi weh. And I, being an obedient girl went there as asked and end up having to wait 2 hours to check in my bag and then another 3 hours to board the plane lol. Luckily I brought my Harry Potter novel to read while waiting to board. 

The flight was long and boring of course. I couldn't sleep that much during the flight from kl to istanbul. I fell asleep only during the flight from Istanbul to Dublin perhaps because I was too sleep deprived already. 

Long story short I finally arrived at Dublin then I took a bus from Dublin Airport to Belfast. It was a long 2 hours journey most probably because I was hungry and in need of a bed to lie down. The long long journey ended when I finally saw a familiar face: Nabil (my classmate from KMB)

Oh and did I mention that the weather was freezing cold? Yes and I,being so confident that it was already spring so it shouldn't be that cold and did not wear any coats or whatsoever. So naturally I was shivering until we finally arrived at Nabil's house and goodness was I relieved to feel the warmth from a heater. (padahal kat Malaysia duk komplen panas)

After I had my bath and lunch, she brought me to her university which looks amazing. The old building was perfectly preserved and spring just make it look prettier than it already is.

Queen's University Belfast

After that, Nabil brought me strolling around Belfast town and also introduced me to a heaven called as Primark :D. Everything was so cheappp (provided that I don't do the conversion) so naturally I grabbed a lil bit here and there ( a pair of shoes: 3 pound, Hogwarts tshirt: 6 pound, shades: 3 pound). 

She also brought me to another heaven called poundland where I couldn't believe my eyes seeing all the chocolates priced at 1 pound only. So I bought a few only because I still have to check in my luggage from Dublin to London (which will be continued next post bila rajin). 

The next day, I woke up at 4am being jetlagged af and just scrolled twitter while waiting for Nabil to wake up. We planned to have a picnic at Belfast castle so we packed sandwhich from home only to be drenched in rain as we climbed up the trail to the castle. 

Obviously we couldn't possibly have a picnic in the heavy and freezing rain so we went inside the castle, and decided to have a tea and hot soup in the cafe. 

We were a bit behind the schedule because of the rain as I initially planned to take the bus at 2.30 pm to go to the airport to catch my flight at 6.50pm but only managed to ride the bus at 3.30 pm (tu pon thanks to Nabil's friend yg drive ke tempat bas tu) 

I arrived at the airport at 5.30pm  but still cannot check in my luggage because my boarding pass is with Eqin who at that time was still on a bus from Galway. We met around 6pm gitu then terus bukak luggage depan orang tak kisah apa dah sebab I need to transfer a bit of my things into her luggage because of 15 kg weight limit) 

And boy did we ran our heart out after checking in my luggage. I was wearing the non most comfortable shoes in the whole wide world but it didn't stop me from catching up with Eqin's pace. We arrived at the gate luckily just in time to queue up with the other passengers. Nasibbb baikkk gilaaa kalau kena tinggal flight nangis la kat airport :3

Anddd that's it for now. Nanti sambung lagi pasal London Trip. Goodnight and thanks for reading <3

Sunday, 19 March 2017

The housewarming party

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This must have been the longest time I haven't updated my blog. I guess I've been busy with uni life and what not. But this time, I just have to, because I'm afraid if I would forget this and I really don't want to let it happen. 

A lot has changed from the last time I updated this blog to now. Like for example Anne and Asmah is no longer my house's pendatang haram (you guys know we think it's halal right?) and they have moved to their real house. 

It gets lonely at times but I do understand why they need to move and I respect that. 
So to celebrate them and their new house, me and their old housemates decided to throw a housewarming party, at their old house (does that makes sense to you? :D)

We discussed and decided on the menu: Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Berempah 

So, we ordered the ingredients from Tesco: Ayam, ikan kembung, ulam, serai 

The night before the housewarming, we had a poker game which then proceeded to another and another until 4am. It was past my bedtime hence I misused Sedilix (cough medicine) in order to fall asleep which works marvelously that I then woke up at 11am the next morning (I dah qada dah okay) 

Around 12pm gitu, the tesco guy arrived with our ingredients. As I checked the ingredients, the tesco guy dengan tak bersalah said that ikan kembung is not available. And to my horror, he brought heaps of serai enough for one whole kampung  in which I ordered only 3 of them!

So, naturally I bebel to the tesco guy asking him what should I do with these serai and whether I should make kenduri selamat to finish them. And I sambung bebel some more by asking him how can I cook Nasi Kerabu without ikan and I seriously think yang the tesco guy would have WWE'd me if it wasn't his working hours lol.

Since I have set my heart and soul to cook Nasi Kerabu, I then asked Anne to accompany me to go to Aeon. Before leaving, I bebel like a mak nenek to all my housemates and Asmah to finish cutting the chicken, goreng kelapa and potong ulam when I arrive home later. 

So we went to Aeon and when we called Asmah to ask which Milo she wanted, we can hear the voice of everyone so kepoh and kalut in the kitchen. I guess my evil stepmother bebel works lol 

After we finished buying all the stuffs and were in the grabcar, Anne said to me:

"Bayangkan if kita pergi Aeon semata-mata nak beli ikan and then kita lupa nak beli ikan. Aku akan baring tengah jalan and bunuh diri. Tak guna lagi aku hidup dalam dunia ni" 

So I said 

"Takpe Anne aku takkan halang kau. Aku akan baring sekali"  :D

And then we arrived home, and yes my stepmother bebel did work guys. Everything that I asked to be done was all done. Good job you guys!

After that I started making the kuah tumis, asked Asmah to boil the fish, then asked Anne to separate them from bones, asked Chibi to make Ayam berempah, and finally asked Asmah to fry the keropok. 

I wish I can record the video of all of us being kalut in the kitchen but too bad we were all not wearing tudung at that time. 

Finally at 3.30 pm we all finished cooking our menu and feasted like a king. 

And here's all our hard work in a picture. Voila! Ittadakimas!


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