Sunday, 21 June 2015

This Ramadhan

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 21:18 0 comments
Well hello there. Long time no see.

It has been hectic these past few months with studies, assignments etc

Well now it's the study week and so it means extra time for meeeee weeeeeeeeeeeee (or not because my study week is only for a week *cries a bucket*)

Ramadhan this year for me has been really different from the previous ones as it's my first time staying at my own apartment which means no makcik DS to cook sahur for me anymore. So, it's all about being independent now as if i don't wake up early to cook, it will mean no sahur for the rest of the housemates and me.

Now that i have that kind of responsibility, I realised how much i forgot to appreciate my mom's effort to wake up early, cook our favorite dishes during sahur and to wake 8 children (that is not an easy job).

Meanwhile for iftar, I would cook all those dishes that would make me feel like i'm at home. You know, stuffs like nasi lemak sambal sotong, kuih butir nangka and other dishes

I really hope that this Ramadhan would be a turning point for me to be a better person as a whole. And i also hope that whatever i do will not go to waste.


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