Saturday, 13 April 2013

Allah knows best

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Assalamualaikum and hello dear readers :)

It has been so long since I updated my blog isn't it ? Ahhh I missed those free times when i can update my blog when i have any thoughts to be shared but then, Allah knows best isn't it ?

So, what am i going to share in this post ?

Actually, as everyone is aware of right now, most of the matriculation and foundation students have either finished their preparation for degree or going to end it soon. But for an ib student like me? Nahhh i have one more year ahead to go through before i can proceed to my degree.

A lot of people asked me, "don't you regret not going to matriculation as we have a chance to go oversea too and our syllabus is not as hard as yours ?"

Well, i have found the answer long time ago. The time when i had the thoughts of giving up. Guess where i found the answer?

From the love letter of course :)

I thought i was alone,
I thought i can't trust anyone cause no one is there when i need them the most,
But then little that i realise,
There is the one and only who never left my side,
who never failed to be there when i need HIM the most,
even after i have wronged HIM so much,

Oh Allah thanks for everything,

So, my dear . At the time where i can't decide to whom should i listen, i opened the love letter and HE gave me that verse. Subhanallah.

And now ? I'm not really bothered by the thoughts of envying my friends or whatsoever. I know no one knows me better than my lord, Allah azzawajalla. He have faith in me, to put me here in kmb, to face ib , means He have faith in me , and why shouldn't i be thankful of this blessing ?

Plus, KMB has taught me a lot. I really mean it. Before this, i never know what usrah is for , i never heard such word as tadabbur but glad Allah still wants to give me a chance to know HIM better inshaAllah :)

P/s: I think this is my last update for this sem as i only have 3 weeks before my sem 2 exam which will determine my university placement. Can you pray for me that i'll make it my dear ? :)


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