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Hey dear readers ;)

So , how are you ? Me , just fine . Enjoying my quiet , single life and currently merendet at my brother's house at kuantan .;)

FYI ,  last night was the first night after one month and a half that i can be called " penganggur " again . :D . So ,as usual this amalin rosly always loves to do things in the eleventh hour . Ngee :D .Anyway , this girl have just realised that today is the last date for mara scholarship application .

Therefore , rinsing my face on 4am in the morning , i rushed to fill up the form . To add the icing on the cake , whoaa -.-, i have just being informed that i need to make an essay on myself and why i chose that course .

So , this is my essay *maafkan saya jika grammar berterabur atau bahasa biasa2 . Saya memang x pandai ponnn :D

Named as Nur Amalin binti Rosly , I am the 8th child of my family . Through great pain and caesarean way , I was born on 25th of November in Hospital Bukit Mertajam , Pulau Pinang . Without forgetting the one that had been enduring the pain in labour , my mother is Saadah bt Md Said and also , the one that paid the hospital bills , my father , Rosly bin Muhammad . I am currently staying at Kota Bharu , Kelantan as our family moved there when I was four years old . So , I am the youngest member in my family with two lovely sisters and five protective brothers 
My father have been retired now and is doing small businesses . Meanwhile , my mother was once an English teacher teaching at my primary school , Sekolah kebangsaan Chabang Empat . During 2006 , I sat for UPSR examination and apparently as a result of my hard work , I got 5 A’S and was being offered to enter SMK Ismail Petra which is my secondary school . So , entering secondary school for the first week was nothing but awkward . It was like I started learning from a again  . But , eventually I started to find my feet there and studied as if there’s no tomorrow . True indeed as people always says “ what we reap is what we sow“ , so I proved it by getting 8 a’s in PMR . Even though a year before I sat for my PMR examination, I went through a really hard time as it was the year my mother died of heart attack , but apparently this is not a girl who would grief for a year . I took my mother’s lost as something called fate and always keep  on reminding myself that I have a big responsibility of making my mother feeling proud of me as I am sure she is always watching me .

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass , it’s about learning how to dance in the rain “ , a quote I truly believes and bear in my mind . After my success in PMR , I decided not to apply to another school as I think if all the straight a’s student transfer to other school , then who would be left to raise our school’s name ? . So , continuing my study for upper primary in SMK Ismail Petra , I was lucky . All the teachers were very motivated and determined to teach us everything we need to know and as the time passed by , I realized my true passion , which is chemistry . I was so obsessed with all the calculation in that for a clean record , I have never been wrong in any question that involves calculation in chemistry .  Time really flies and without I realized I have finished answering all subjects in SPM .  

The senior years of mine was not full of books only but also with other activities . I joined choral speaking and represent our school in the district stage . In addition I also joined the school debate team and was the third speaker . Thankfully , we got to represent our QIT Penambang in district level and get the second place.

As the time passed and finally it was the day that all of us were waiting for ,the day the SPM’s result was being announced. Feeling anxious and excited , however could not denied my worries in physics as that’s the one and only subject I was sure I cannot answer it well . Apparently , my thought was right , I didn’t scored straight a’s because of physics . However , I was thankful enough , getting 9 a’s is not bad at all . Most importantly , I scored a in my favorite subject , chemistry .

Sticking to my belief , “ our greatest glory consists not in never falling but in rising every time we fall “ , so I believe even though I didn’t get straight a’s as other students it does not mean the end . I believe everybody deserves a second chance and so do I . Getting a scholarship to further my studies in chemistry would be a dream come true to me as hopefully one day I will be able to reach my deepest dream which is to be a pharmacist . I have suffered a major lost when I lose my mother and how I wished I could help others to reduce the pain . So far there is still no specific cure to heart attack and how I wished I could be the one holding the cure one day .

So , this is all about me , a girl that probably being looked as not as brilliant as those straight a’s student but really believe in myself that I could stand at the same level and probably higher than them one day and do trust that MARA could help me to achieve my dream .

P/s: For those who didn't know , let me inform you that you can only choose one between jpa and mara . And i chose mara as jpa only offers engineering -.-"


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