Sunday, 26 February 2012

I'm the biggest loser wannabe

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Assalamualaikum to my dear readers . :)

It had been days since i have got inspiration to update my blog but fortunately ,today is not a disappointment :D.

Well,so as this is my blog , i mean mine ,therefore i consider this as my open diary . :) *boleh blah x gitu ?

So, dear diary , it had been quite a month since i came to japan , and stay with my lovely sister . I've had my best time , infact perhaps the greatest experience so far . It's like i feel like i had my mother back .

Whyy ?

Because you know what , an orphan like me, even as much as i smiled all the time , there's a big hole in my heart that needs someone to make me right , to point where did i screwed up ,and to make me someone who i have to be . :) , and my dear sister is the one that i should thank to for this valuable learning  .

Butt , don't worry . I'm not gonna cry lahh , I've cried too much before . :')

This post is actually about my  diet which screwed up . :D. Sighs , since i've finished my spm , my body have had a tremendous changes . And now that i'm staying in fukuoka ,it's winter , and you must know what do normal human being like me love to do . ,,,, which is makannnnn .

Enough of babbling already , this is the living proof to show how berisi i've been now.
 p/s: gamba ni ekslusif taw , kat fb pon itew x letak sbb maluu yang teramat :D

* just say it , i'm gemokk sangatt kan ? :'(

 Pipi kembung + baju tak muat + makan macam raksaksa = me now ..

Bukan salah ibu mengandung sebenarnya , :D. But, it's actually my fault that cannot stand seeing + smeeling delicous food . Plus the fact that my sister really loves to cook food that *uhh , x tahann makk taw .

P/s:Oke, so dahh tengok kan betapa gemuknya itew ? Dahh , jangan nak mengata, itew nak g makan pulak niey . :P

Sunday, 19 February 2012

It's a Snowing Day

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Hey dear readers .. :)

It felt like days since i updated this blog but actually it is just three days *p/s:hiperbola sangat bibik ni kann ? :D.  Yeah , as a bibik i'm a bit busy whenever weekend came . There was this feast , walking-walking eat air *p/s:jalan2 makan angin* , and bla3 .

But , long story short , I had a really good time this weekend . Blessed to have a sister like mine , i was given the golden chance  , the kind of chance that perhaps this is the first and last one for me to enjoy playing snow .

Snow ????

Yeah , the real snow or japanese called it yuki and malaysian call it salji and not to forget , kelantanese like me *ehehhe , called it salji as well ..:D

 *p/s:boleh blah tak gambar ni ? kalau x boleh blahh , sila muntah sekarang . :D

So, I really enjoyed this walking2 eat air . It's like some kind of rejuvenation that i felt like a small girl again playing slide on the snow . *eheh, walaupun masa kecik , tgok kat tv je salji tuu :D*

This time our destination was Tenzan Ski Resort .

Bitsy little information about Tenzan Ski resort :

Tenzan Ski Resort is the only full-service ski resort available in Kyushu and is covered with artificial snow. The resort opens from the middle of November to the end of March. Ski runs are located at 700 to 900m high and 600 to 1,000 m long. The resort offers special programs for groups of foreigners. Visitors can also enjoy various activities besides skiing such as snowball fighting and snow-sledding.
While during summer time, grass-skiing and mountain hiking are popular. The area also provides three tennis courts and a swimming pool. Besides various activities, visitors can also enjoy spectacular scenery with over 4,000 lavender plants bloom at the same time.

Next , there are some pictures of this fortunate bibik enjoying the snow :)
                              *abaikan tudung yang senget benget dan senyum kerenyih ituu :D

and last but not least , please enjoy this posing picture of us . :D

 p/s: Sometime i do wonder that all those praise is genuine or not . I knew that sometimes, i do admit that me myself did became fake for some reason . *eheh , bibik sangatt lah plastikk :P..

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wish you were here

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Hey my dear readers .:')

This song really reflects the way I feel all this time . I always wish my mom would be here with me .:')

Actually , I'm fine . Seriously , I'm just fine . Time already heals the wound . But it just make me care when I saw others that have gone through my experience still struggling just to put a smile on their face .

So , I'm thinking whyy not I share my experience too . Sharing this doen not means I'm weak or whatsoever , but just want to make others know that I'm strong . Whyy ?

Because I knew what lost means more than others .

For anyone who have lost someone they loved so much *like me* , I knew that most of the time when others are not looking ,  they would wipe their tears quietly .

Yeah , that's the truth . Same goes for me . 

I lost my mother at a very young age . So , there are times that I really wish that she would be here looking at what I'va achieved this far . Although , there aren't so much success , but at least I got straight A for pmr . And you know what , every time I entered any competition and either I win or lose , I have no one to tell .

That's the most painful feeling I have ever felt . Like you just want to tell everything on your mind but when you look , there's no one by your side .

But , I'm so lucky that I came from a large family . I have 8 siblings , a lot of aunt , uncle , nephew , nieces and friends . They are my strength actually .

So , I'm hoping for those have been through the same experience , broaden your outlook. Try to look further . There are so many other people less fortunate than you . For example , this friend of mine , lost both of his parent during standard 6 , but still live his life as if there is no tomorrow. :P
*sori guna mg jd contoh. :D

P/s: Life is too short to cry . Try to smile ., It would look much better . :)

The Nanny Diaries #2

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Assalamualaikum to all the readers *kalau ada la :D

So , it is time for my nanny diary already .

Waking up at 9 a.m today , *hee , thought still early actually * , and then again frying the jeput again and still hangit . 
                                   *jangan terpedaya dgn paras rupa . Sedap hingga menjilat kaki taw :D *wink3

Then , as it is time for bibik to tidy up the house . In order to convince how this bibik so efficient , let me show you the changes before and after . 
                                         This is before ..
                                        p/s: pesakit jantung tidak dinasihatkan untuk join sekaki . :D.

~ and thennnn , tadaaaaaa ! 

*Haaa , nampak tak betapa efisiennya bibik ni ? So ,ape lagi ? Isi borang  cepat kalau nak upah jugakk . :P

So , after finished tidying up the room , It's time for bibik and little boss to enjoy . :DDD
                                       *I'm sexy and i know it *

Haa , that's my little boss dancing his heart out . :)

p/s: Mine picture dancing is too explicit . :P *Just kidding ! Well , I'm sexy and i know it . :)


Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Nanny Diaries #1

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Dear , See that picture above ? Well that's kinda me . Again ,,why kinda ?

Yeah , because I do admit that I'm not as hot as that . Simple ,isn't it ? I'm just as sejuk senyek *as aming always said *  as ever  .

So , let me tell you something . Scarlett Johannson is not the only one can be a nanny . I also can la . :). As easy as abc , as tiring as fighting the tidal wave .

But , mind you that I'm a professional nanny . Really , a professional one . Hire me ,and you would see . *just kidding ok , never on earth I would make this my career . :P

Seee , I told you before . I'm just like other so called professional nanny that I even got a schedule .

So , at morning , at temperature around 7 celcius, I woke up lazily , brush my teeth , wash my face . Don't mention about bath , *really hate it .

Next , I prepare breakfast for this budak butuk . I love him though he keep getting on my nerves.

                                          *Kawaaiii , isn't he ?

And breakfast for today is 'jeput ' . Ohmyy , I don't know how to spell them ,. So , a picture might help a lot ,right ? After all , a picture is worth a thousand words .

                 *Mind you , I'm not a chef , just a nanny . So , that hangit thing is quite normal  *wink3

And then , as all normal nanny did . Put my nephew into the bathroom , prepare clothes for him , put lotion all over his body . *It;s winter right now , so not putting the lotion would mean dry, dry skin all over body . -.-

Next is putting him into his toy room and let him play while I do all other chores .

e.g: Sweeping , mopping , cooking , and other verbs that ends with 'ing' . :D

Finishing everything on the list , the next task is the one I'm addicted to , facebooking . :))

And when it's the time to eat ,let me show you how bibik modern eat . :P
        *cheese cake + strawberry with chocolate + fresh milk *demand sangat bibik sekarang . :P

P/s: When would japanese would ever learn how to speak in english ? Yeah , it's true that they're proud with their language , but still , it never kill for them to learn others too. Just saying though , thought that other tourist would agree too. :)

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Assalamualaikum .

It had been so long since I last kinda being a blogger . Why kinda ?  :D. Just thinking that my blog before is kinda childish . -.-

So this is the new me ,. New year , so I'm thinking , why not new blog ? :)

| Once upon a time |,.
As all my favourite childhood stories , so does my blog's name . 

So , once upon a time , there was a girl , so captivated with all the fairy tales and everything that ends with happily ever after . She too , thinks life would be as easy as that .

But apparently as the time flies , as she grew , she learnt a fact . She learnt that life is not always a bed of roses . At 14 years old , she lost her dearest mother . She was such a cry baby at that time . She was so taken aback that she took a month before she could face others .

Then , life was not so easy for her afterwards . Losing a mother at that age , it was just too much for her to bear . But then , a fact struck her . Her family need her . If before ,her mum would cook delicous meals for the family , then now it is her duty .

She learnt how to prepare breakfast , how to tidy up the house and the list goes on and on . In shortform , she learnt how life really is .

And actually , she is me . Now 18 years old , finished my spm . Now staying at Fukuoka for a month . Waiting for spm result . Still hoping for silver shining at the end of my journey .

p/s: Thanks for lending me those beautiful eyes of yours reading my crappy blog . Enjoice ! :D


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