Sunday, 19 February 2012

It's a Snowing Day

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 16:35
Hey dear readers .. :)

It felt like days since i updated this blog but actually it is just three days *p/s:hiperbola sangat bibik ni kann ? :D.  Yeah , as a bibik i'm a bit busy whenever weekend came . There was this feast , walking-walking eat air *p/s:jalan2 makan angin* , and bla3 .

But , long story short , I had a really good time this weekend . Blessed to have a sister like mine , i was given the golden chance  , the kind of chance that perhaps this is the first and last one for me to enjoy playing snow .

Snow ????

Yeah , the real snow or japanese called it yuki and malaysian call it salji and not to forget , kelantanese like me *ehehhe , called it salji as well ..:D

 *p/s:boleh blah tak gambar ni ? kalau x boleh blahh , sila muntah sekarang . :D

So, I really enjoyed this walking2 eat air . It's like some kind of rejuvenation that i felt like a small girl again playing slide on the snow . *eheh, walaupun masa kecik , tgok kat tv je salji tuu :D*

This time our destination was Tenzan Ski Resort .

Bitsy little information about Tenzan Ski resort :

Tenzan Ski Resort is the only full-service ski resort available in Kyushu and is covered with artificial snow. The resort opens from the middle of November to the end of March. Ski runs are located at 700 to 900m high and 600 to 1,000 m long. The resort offers special programs for groups of foreigners. Visitors can also enjoy various activities besides skiing such as snowball fighting and snow-sledding.
While during summer time, grass-skiing and mountain hiking are popular. The area also provides three tennis courts and a swimming pool. Besides various activities, visitors can also enjoy spectacular scenery with over 4,000 lavender plants bloom at the same time.

Next , there are some pictures of this fortunate bibik enjoying the snow :)
                              *abaikan tudung yang senget benget dan senyum kerenyih ituu :D

and last but not least , please enjoy this posing picture of us . :D

 p/s: Sometime i do wonder that all those praise is genuine or not . I knew that sometimes, i do admit that me myself did became fake for some reason . *eheh , bibik sangatt lah plastikk :P..


yatie chomeyl said...

meme fake pung koya nok suruh or epuji, gi edit gmbr nok bui napok comey huhuhu
btw, buke tenjin ski resort weh tapi tenzan ski resort. info pun saloh..karut bibik ni

Amalin Rosly said...

Heheh , sudah tukar kah ? :D. Btw, edit doh pong , hihi , tuka op betul smula doh . :)

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