Sunday, 26 February 2012

I'm the biggest loser wannabe

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 21:26
Assalamualaikum to my dear readers . :)

It had been days since i have got inspiration to update my blog but fortunately ,today is not a disappointment :D.

Well,so as this is my blog , i mean mine ,therefore i consider this as my open diary . :) *boleh blah x gitu ?

So, dear diary , it had been quite a month since i came to japan , and stay with my lovely sister . I've had my best time , infact perhaps the greatest experience so far . It's like i feel like i had my mother back .

Whyy ?

Because you know what , an orphan like me, even as much as i smiled all the time , there's a big hole in my heart that needs someone to make me right , to point where did i screwed up ,and to make me someone who i have to be . :) , and my dear sister is the one that i should thank to for this valuable learning  .

Butt , don't worry . I'm not gonna cry lahh , I've cried too much before . :')

This post is actually about my  diet which screwed up . :D. Sighs , since i've finished my spm , my body have had a tremendous changes . And now that i'm staying in fukuoka ,it's winter , and you must know what do normal human being like me love to do . ,,,, which is makannnnn .

Enough of babbling already , this is the living proof to show how berisi i've been now.
 p/s: gamba ni ekslusif taw , kat fb pon itew x letak sbb maluu yang teramat :D

* just say it , i'm gemokk sangatt kan ? :'(

 Pipi kembung + baju tak muat + makan macam raksaksa = me now ..

Bukan salah ibu mengandung sebenarnya , :D. But, it's actually my fault that cannot stand seeing + smeeling delicous food . Plus the fact that my sister really loves to cook food that *uhh , x tahann makk taw .

P/s:Oke, so dahh tengok kan betapa gemuknya itew ? Dahh , jangan nak mengata, itew nak g makan pulak niey . :P


Anonymous said...

cute la..
ane de brisi.. biase2 je.. :)

Amalin Rosly said...

Haisy , berisi la kak . X key x prasey napok laen doh ?

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