Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Nanny Diaries #1

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 17:13
Dear , See that picture above ? Well that's kinda me . Again ,,why kinda ?

Yeah , because I do admit that I'm not as hot as that . Simple ,isn't it ? I'm just as sejuk senyek *as aming always said *  as ever  .

So , let me tell you something . Scarlett Johannson is not the only one can be a nanny . I also can la . :). As easy as abc , as tiring as fighting the tidal wave .

But , mind you that I'm a professional nanny . Really , a professional one . Hire me ,and you would see . *just kidding ok , never on earth I would make this my career . :P

Seee , I told you before . I'm just like other so called professional nanny that I even got a schedule .

So , at morning , at temperature around 7 celcius, I woke up lazily , brush my teeth , wash my face . Don't mention about bath , *really hate it .

Next , I prepare breakfast for this budak butuk . I love him though he keep getting on my nerves.

                                          *Kawaaiii , isn't he ?

And breakfast for today is 'jeput ' . Ohmyy , I don't know how to spell them ,. So , a picture might help a lot ,right ? After all , a picture is worth a thousand words .

                 *Mind you , I'm not a chef , just a nanny . So , that hangit thing is quite normal  *wink3

And then , as all normal nanny did . Put my nephew into the bathroom , prepare clothes for him , put lotion all over his body . *It;s winter right now , so not putting the lotion would mean dry, dry skin all over body . -.-

Next is putting him into his toy room and let him play while I do all other chores .

e.g: Sweeping , mopping , cooking , and other verbs that ends with 'ing' . :D

Finishing everything on the list , the next task is the one I'm addicted to , facebooking . :))

And when it's the time to eat ,let me show you how bibik modern eat . :P
        *cheese cake + strawberry with chocolate + fresh milk *demand sangat bibik sekarang . :P

P/s: When would japanese would ever learn how to speak in english ? Yeah , it's true that they're proud with their language , but still , it never kill for them to learn others too. Just saying though , thought that other tourist would agree too. :)


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