Thursday, 9 February 2012

Wish you were here

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 23:36
Hey my dear readers .:')

This song really reflects the way I feel all this time . I always wish my mom would be here with me .:')

Actually , I'm fine . Seriously , I'm just fine . Time already heals the wound . But it just make me care when I saw others that have gone through my experience still struggling just to put a smile on their face .

So , I'm thinking whyy not I share my experience too . Sharing this doen not means I'm weak or whatsoever , but just want to make others know that I'm strong . Whyy ?

Because I knew what lost means more than others .

For anyone who have lost someone they loved so much *like me* , I knew that most of the time when others are not looking ,  they would wipe their tears quietly .

Yeah , that's the truth . Same goes for me . 

I lost my mother at a very young age . So , there are times that I really wish that she would be here looking at what I'va achieved this far . Although , there aren't so much success , but at least I got straight A for pmr . And you know what , every time I entered any competition and either I win or lose , I have no one to tell .

That's the most painful feeling I have ever felt . Like you just want to tell everything on your mind but when you look , there's no one by your side .

But , I'm so lucky that I came from a large family . I have 8 siblings , a lot of aunt , uncle , nephew , nieces and friends . They are my strength actually .

So , I'm hoping for those have been through the same experience , broaden your outlook. Try to look further . There are so many other people less fortunate than you . For example , this friend of mine , lost both of his parent during standard 6 , but still live his life as if there is no tomorrow. :P
*sori guna mg jd contoh. :D

P/s: Life is too short to cry . Try to smile ., It would look much better . :)


deera said...

bak sini, kekuatan tu sket ;)

Amalin Rosly said...

Hee , nahh . Amek la kak . Banyop ag niey . :)

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