Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 01:32
Assalamualaikum .

It had been so long since I last kinda being a blogger . Why kinda ?  :D. Just thinking that my blog before is kinda childish . -.-

So this is the new me ,. New year , so I'm thinking , why not new blog ? :)

| Once upon a time |,.
As all my favourite childhood stories , so does my blog's name . 

So , once upon a time , there was a girl , so captivated with all the fairy tales and everything that ends with happily ever after . She too , thinks life would be as easy as that .

But apparently as the time flies , as she grew , she learnt a fact . She learnt that life is not always a bed of roses . At 14 years old , she lost her dearest mother . She was such a cry baby at that time . She was so taken aback that she took a month before she could face others .

Then , life was not so easy for her afterwards . Losing a mother at that age , it was just too much for her to bear . But then , a fact struck her . Her family need her . If before ,her mum would cook delicous meals for the family , then now it is her duty .

She learnt how to prepare breakfast , how to tidy up the house and the list goes on and on . In shortform , she learnt how life really is .

And actually , she is me . Now 18 years old , finished my spm . Now staying at Fukuoka for a month . Waiting for spm result . Still hoping for silver shining at the end of my journey .

p/s: Thanks for lending me those beautiful eyes of yours reading my crappy blog . Enjoice ! :D


Affieza said...

I'm here following u...just drop by from your sis's blog.

>> Life is not a rehearsal, we live only once and for this I wanna tell that u are great bcoz u can manage your life in early age after losing a mother.

Amalin Rosly said...

Thanks . Experience is the best teacher . Life had taught me well actually . :)

CikSitiBunga said...

What a great blog that you have Adik...
And what a great character that you have..
I really enjoy your writing, so do keep writing ya..
Will be your reader from now and on..:)

Amalin Rosly said...

Thanks akak . Really appreciated your comment . Yeah , i will keep on writing as that is one thing that make me feel satisfied and could not thank you enough for willing to be my loyal readers . :)

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