Sunday, 19 March 2017

The housewarming party

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This must have been the longest time I haven't updated my blog. I guess I've been busy with uni life and what not. But this time, I just have to, because I'm afraid if I would forget this and I really don't want to let it happen. 

A lot has changed from the last time I updated this blog to now. Like for example Anne and Asmah is no longer my house's pendatang haram (you guys know we think it's halal right?) and they have moved to their real house. 

It gets lonely at times but I do understand why they need to move and I respect that. 
So to celebrate them and their new house, me and their old housemates decided to throw a housewarming party, at their old house (does that makes sense to you? :D)

We discussed and decided on the menu: Nasi Kerabu with Ayam Berempah 

So, we ordered the ingredients from Tesco: Ayam, ikan kembung, ulam, serai 

The night before the housewarming, we had a poker game which then proceeded to another and another until 4am. It was past my bedtime hence I misused Sedilix (cough medicine) in order to fall asleep which works marvelously that I then woke up at 11am the next morning (I dah qada dah okay) 

Around 12pm gitu, the tesco guy arrived with our ingredients. As I checked the ingredients, the tesco guy dengan tak bersalah said that ikan kembung is not available. And to my horror, he brought heaps of serai enough for one whole kampung  in which I ordered only 3 of them!

So, naturally I bebel to the tesco guy asking him what should I do with these serai and whether I should make kenduri selamat to finish them. And I sambung bebel some more by asking him how can I cook Nasi Kerabu without ikan and I seriously think yang the tesco guy would have WWE'd me if it wasn't his working hours lol.

Since I have set my heart and soul to cook Nasi Kerabu, I then asked Anne to accompany me to go to Aeon. Before leaving, I bebel like a mak nenek to all my housemates and Asmah to finish cutting the chicken, goreng kelapa and potong ulam when I arrive home later. 

So we went to Aeon and when we called Asmah to ask which Milo she wanted, we can hear the voice of everyone so kepoh and kalut in the kitchen. I guess my evil stepmother bebel works lol 

After we finished buying all the stuffs and were in the grabcar, Anne said to me:

"Bayangkan if kita pergi Aeon semata-mata nak beli ikan and then kita lupa nak beli ikan. Aku akan baring tengah jalan and bunuh diri. Tak guna lagi aku hidup dalam dunia ni" 

So I said 

"Takpe Anne aku takkan halang kau. Aku akan baring sekali"  :D

And then we arrived home, and yes my stepmother bebel did work guys. Everything that I asked to be done was all done. Good job you guys!

After that I started making the kuah tumis, asked Asmah to boil the fish, then asked Anne to separate them from bones, asked Chibi to make Ayam berempah, and finally asked Asmah to fry the keropok. 

I wish I can record the video of all of us being kalut in the kitchen but too bad we were all not wearing tudung at that time. 

Finally at 3.30 pm we all finished cooking our menu and feasted like a king. 

And here's all our hard work in a picture. Voila! Ittadakimas!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Read this, if you are feeling hopeless

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Hey there,
I know it’s tough
I know it feels like no one gets you
I know how tight in the chest you’re feeling right now
How it feels like being non-existing would be the best solution for you

But know this,
You can go through this,
You will,
I know because I did,

This feeling will come back,
That’s one thing I can assure you,
But it’s okay,
This is life as you and I know,

You are so strong that I cringed in jealousy looking at you,
Even though we never meet,
But that’s one other thing that I can assure you

So cry,
Cry all you want,
You deserve all the tears for all these times you’ve been holding on,

And then smile,
Smile because you went through the storms,
And just because,

You of all people deserve all the happiness in this world 

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Resepi Tomyam Putih and Sotong Celup Tepung

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Hi hi :)

I'll just skip my normal rants and straight away head to the recipe lah okay this time sebab iols kan student/businesswoman sekarang so busy lah sikettt hehehe

So here goes..

A. Resepi Tomyam Putih


Bawang putih x 4
Cili Padi x 10
Serai dititik
Halia 1 inci
Lengkuas 1 inci
Daun limau purut x 4
Limau nipis
Susu cair
Kiub pati ayam
sos cili


1. Tumis bawang putih, halia, lengkuas, serai, cili padi
2. Masukkan ayam dan sedikit air. Kacau sampai ayam masak
3. Masukkan garam,daun limau purut, susu cair 4 sudu, sos cili 1 sudu dan perah limau nipis.

B. Resepi Sotong Celup Tepung

1. Perap sotong dengan garam, kunyit, serbuk cili, serbuk kari.
2. Celup dalam telur, tepung yg campur serbuk penaik.
3. Goreng sampai keperangan.

Super duper easy kan? Bunyi macam susah tapi senang jeee :D

Friday, 18 March 2016

Resepi Buttermilk Chicken Simple

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Hi hi.

It has been excruciating to find a free time to update this recipe and today, luckily I have finished most of my major assignments and bought all the ingredients for my Kelantan Style Lunch business which I have just started two weeks ago (and which perhaps I'll talk about in other post)

Most of my friends really like this Buttermilk chicken, tapi I biasa-biasa je, I learnt the recipe pon because my friends requested so here goes:

P/s: I always like the taste of spices, that's why my recipe is a bit different than others.


Daun kari 4 tangkai
Bawang putih 5 ulas
Cili padi 5
Marjerin 2 sudu
Serbuk Kari
Serbuk cili


1. Hiris bawang putih, cili padi kecik-kecik macam gambar. Prepare bahan-bahan seperti gambar di bawah.

2. Perap ayam dengan garam,serbuk cili, serbuk kari, black pepper sikit for 1 hour macamtu. Then dip it inside telur, then guling-gulingkan dalam tepung ayam KFC tu.

 3. Goreng ayam sampai rangup. Angkat dan toskan.

4. Cairkan mentega dua sudu, then masukkan bawang putih, daun kari, cili padi. Tunggu sampai keperangan, pastu masukkan susu pekat 3 sudu, susu cair agak-agak nak kuah banyak mana, and tambah air sikit. Tambah garam untuk balance manis susu tu.

5. And then, dah siap dah! Senang je kannn? Dijamin sedap :3

Friday, 4 March 2016

My seram experience

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Hi there.

Sooo, macam the title above, this entry is different from any other entry I've did before. Sebab i never have the courage to write about it kan

But here goes

I kept on listening to the sound of guli jatuh no matter whether it's during the broad daylight or midnight as in pukul 3 pagi macam tu.

Makin tegur, makin kuat kadang-kadang.

And then the sound of orang guna lesung tengah-tengah malam. At first macam bersangka baik la, yang rajin rumah atas ni malam-malam buat sambal.

Tak cukup dengan buat sambal, bunyi perabot digerakkan pon selalu dengar. Tengah malam pon bunyi. At first masa naif tu makin melambung la puji jiran atas ni, malam-malam pon sempat buat deco bersama eric lagi.

I was sooo silly kann haha. And then i started to feel curious and tweeted about it. The response was not what i wanted to hear and wasn't ready to hear

"Eh bunyi guli tu bukan maksudnya ada benda tu ke?"

"Nenek aku cakap kalau bunyi guli tu benda tu macam nak cakap dia ada"

And that was the last night i ever stayed up alone. Kalau ada yang terpaksa pon I would pasang ayat ruqyah kuat-kuat buat teman study.

Actually that wasn't the climax of the story. Recently, i had a nightmare when i was sleeping so terjaga la after that. I opened my eyes and i was pretty sure i saw something at the door. But i just read surah an-nas aloud and tido balik. Nasib baik tak kena tegur

Sooo, that's my seram experience that is still happening btw. Any of you guys experience this too? If so can you please share the experience and how you deal with it?

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Resepi Tomyam Santan ala Thai dan telur dadar rangup

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Sooo today, I am going to share another recipe that I have used the try and error method for so many times until I am finally satisfied with the taste which is....

Tomyam Santan alai thai, ala Noodle station

Why Noodle station? Well for starters, I started obsessing on how to make this tomyam after I ate the Tom yam noodle there because it was da bombbbb *insert amazed emoji*

I tried to replicate the taste for soooo many times but it never tasted the same until...

I watched Runningman. Yeah runningman yang ada Jong kook tu. It was the episode where they had the cooking competition and there was this part where Gary learnt how to make Tom Yam from a Thai chef. I remembered feeling sooo excited at that time to follow how the chef cooked it and finallyyyy after so many times altering the taste, i was able to make my tomyam to taste quite the same as the Noodle station's one.

Soooo nowww I am going to share the recipe that made me go crazy looking for it :D


Halia 1 inci
Serai 1 btg
Bawang putih 6 ulas*
Cili padi 7 *
Udang kering*
Kiub pati ayam
Sos cili
Daun limau purut 5
Limau nipis 1
Carrot or any sayur you suka
Perencah tomyam yang ada tulisan thai tuu


1. Blender bahan bertanda *
2. Masukkan santan separuh kotak , halia yang dihiris nipis, serai yang diketuk.
3.  Renehkan kejap, then masukkan bahan yang dah diblender dan perencah tomyam dua sudu.
4. Didihkan lama-lama (dalam 10-15 minit) sebab kita kan tak tumis, soooo kena la pastikan yang blender tu masak dan tak pedas yang panas tu
5.Masukkan garam, gula, kiub pati ayam, ajinomoto if you want.
6. Lepas tu masukkan ayam dan biarkan sampai ayam tu masak.
7. Masukkan air, daun limau purut, perah limau nipis, carrot. sos cili dalam 3 sudu besar.
8. Bila dah mendidih tu, masukkan tomato then boleh la tutup api.

Oh and alang alang dah share resepi tomyam, I share je la terus eh how to make telur dadar rangup macam orang thai buat.

The trick is actually to put tepung jagung setengah sudu teh tu and kacau telur vigorously. Vigorously sampai berbuih tau. Pastu minyak tu pastikan banyakkk. Andd minyak tu kena betul-betul panas. Bukan suam-suam kuku. Betul2 panas tauuu. Bila dah letak telur tu, slowkan api sebab takut hangit.

Andd that's it. For tomyam tu. you are definitely free to use prawn ke meat ke crab ke. It goes the same way anyway. Hope this helps!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Resepi Gulai Ayam kelantan

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Hi guys.. I'm back with more recipes and cooking tricks! :D

Today is actually my only day off for this week since I am currently working part time every weekend of January. Luckily, it's still Thaipusam today so I can actually enjoy some free time to cook, do the laundry and also print my lecture notes. Not so free either actually but it's so much better than having to stand from 11am to 8pm during the weekend.

Anyway, let's cut to the chase and head to the recipe.

I am going to share the recipe of Gulai Ayam from my dear hometown which is Kelantan that is a must for all the kenduris and also other occasions.

So here goes:


Bawang merah 5 *
Bawang putih 2*
Halia besar ibu jari*
Daun kari 3 tangkai
Rempah ratus (kayu manis, pelaga, bunga lawang)
Cili kering blender
Rempah gulai ayam (gambar di bawah)
Asam jawa adabi

Gambar ni yang rempah daging sbb yang ayam dh habis. So if you ever go to Kelantan, make sure you buy this rempah banyak2 sebab serius sedap gila


1. Blender bahan bertanda *
2. Panaskan minyak, then masukkan daun kari, rempah ratus and bahan yang dah diblender tadi.
3. Masukkan cili kering blender 3 sudu, and rempah gulai. Tumis sampai pecah minyak.
4. Lepas dah pecah minyak, masukkan ayam. Renehkan dalam 15 minit bagi ayam tu rasa rempah tu semua. Tambah air sedikit kalau kering sangat.
5. Tambah garam, gula, asam jawa adabi, santan setengah kotak and air ikut banyak mana nak kuah tu.
6.  Didihkan kejap then dah siap, Kalau nak tambah potato pon bolehh.

Haa senang kan? Dalam setengah jam dah siappp.


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