Friday, 11 May 2012

Getting used to this

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 05:55
Hey dear readers ;)

So , what day is today ? It's a friday and if before ,as a kelantanese , i was getting used to the idea that every friday is a holiday for us . But now that i'm in kl , it's a working day plus the fact that i'm not one of the worker , i just happened to have a mara interview today .

*maaf gambar sedikit blur . Silap photographer :P

So , above is the picture of us as a team . Here it goes , when i first came and register my name , the admin gave me an orange sticker *as you can see in the picture , which states C-1 that stands for chemistry first candidate .

Long story short , the interview went well i guess . But actually i have just being told during the interview that if we got this , we gonna further our studies in oversea bla3 , and when we return to malaysia ,we would have to be a mrsm teacher for 8 years probably at areas as sandakan and the kind of rural area .

My jaw just dropped . Haha , never imagined myself as a teacher actually and most importantly staying at that kind of areas . I think no . Not suitable for me at all . -.-

Then after finished the interview , i just walked alone , went to sogo , then komuter station , only to find out that i have to walk again to ktm station . From ktm masjid jamek  to segambut , i ride the wrong train and have to switch train at kl sentral . Phewww , what an experience . But , not just that ,  as i arrived at the segambut ktm station , walking alone as a lone ranger , waited for quite half an hour under the so "soothing" sun *ha'a , makk memang sukaa berjemur >.< * , then only a taxi stops to fetch me and alhamdulillah , arrived safe and sound already at home .

What a day -.-

But i guess , i should get used to this . After all , am turning 18 already . Must know how to stand on my own right ? I'm not moaning or being grumpy as i know this is the process of me slowly adapting to this new way of life:)


yatie chomeyl said...

kak ti umur 12 lagi gi daftar sekolah sendiri jah sbb maso tu ma beranok ko asyo. pastu umur 13 pun gi daftar senidiri kat skoloh sbb ma beranok ko awin pulok. awin dh 18..tuo gobeng doh..napok sgt darat smp sesat naik lrt hahahaha

Amalin Rosly said...

Alohhh . Hehe , bia laa. Memey baru nop blaja la niey . Pgap kiro biso doh bena awin niey . Hihi , op g iv skali nga awin td macey kagum jah awin oyak balik sediri nga train :D

transformed housewife said...

lps ni meme keno pandai2la bawak diri. Tokleh nok harap ko ore lain sokmo.

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