Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Main cikgu-cikgu

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 00:12
Hey dear readers ;)

So , it's the 1st August today and my august wish is ?

Emm emm =.= . i don't really have any specific one but i think i wish to find my feet fast in KMB that is to be clear on my goal , to put effort to understand whatever the teachers taught *especially math and TOK-urgh >,<  experiencing a lot of meltdown there* ,to balance my study with other important aspects in life, and last but not least , to enjoy my time being as an ib student :) , insyaallah.

so , my dear ,back to the real purpose of this post ,actually  i want to tell about my first experience of CAS today at Sek Ren Kanchong Tengah .

                                                *posing dengan deskmate tersayang jap :D

" Huh ? CAS ? Ape jadahnye tu ? "

Hee , save the question because this ib will newbie explain about it .

Creativity, action, service (CAS, or SAC in Austria) is a mandatory core component of the IB Diploma Programme. It aims to provide a 'counterbalance' to the academic rigour of the educational programme. Before the 2010 examination there was a 150 hour requirement, with an approximately equal distribution of creativity, action, and service. This was mainly done for two reasons: to ensure that students engage in meaningful activities and to decrease the amount of CAS fraud (i.e. claiming hours which have not been completed

and plus in my dictionary , cas means no class for the whole day*which i totally L.OV.E! , can sleep at 4am or even later than that :D* , and offering our services at the place we were given by the colleague .

so , for today , the services that we offered is teaching the weak students any subject that they prefer and me ? Firstly i taught a standard 3 student how to read faster and to identify the difference between 'ayat' and 'frasa' *yeah , i did that , by constantly reminding myself of "sabar itu separuh dari iman"*. Then the second one is i taught three students of how to make the five sentences *teringat kenangan upsr dolu2 :D*

                                         *me and my students :D

Hurm , so , what did i learnt through this ?

"It's not easy to be a teacher , not at all "

and by this ,my respect towards the teachers really become higher as only when u're in their shoes , only would you understand how much patience it takes to teach .

But , on top of all that , really enjoyed the times . I mean time really flies . We didn't even notice that it was time already for us to finish our class :) and most meaningfully , when we want to go back ,there was this student came to ask us " esok , akak datang lagi x ? " .

Alahai , so sweet kann ? ^_^ .

P/s: and again , no homework for today . Sighs , nak buat ape ni nak buat ape >,<


transformed housewife said...

yup, that's true being a teacher is not easy. That's why I told you learning TESL is also not so easy.

Amalin Rosly said...

Hehe , yup kak nur . Have just realised about the fact :)

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