Thursday, 21 January 2016

Resepi ayam masak kurma simple gila

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 04:49
Hi tora tora kembali lagi :D

Since I have just started my sem 4, therefore the workload has not started yet hence the free time that I have to write another new recipe.

Today, I am going to give the recipe of one of my favorite dish of all time which is Ayam Masak Kurma. Hope this recipe is able to help all the bujang/married people out there that is having the I-Dont-Know-What-To-Cook-Today-Syndrome which I admittedly go through it too all the time :)))

So here goes,

P/s: This recipe is written in bahasa melayu because there are some ingredients that I dont know the english word for it and also bcs it is much easier to apprehend


Bawang merah kecik 5 ulas *
Bawang putih 3 ulas *
Halia besar ibu jari*
Serbuk kurma (brand papepon tak kisah)
Rempah tumis (Kulit kayu manis, pelaga, bunga lawang)
Asam jawa adabi


1. Blender bahan bertanda * dan tumis sampai pecah minyak
2. Masukkan  rempah tumis dan serbuk kurma yang dah campur air sikit dan kacau sampai pecah minyak jugak sekali lagi
3. Masukkan ayam dan air sedikit sebab nak bagi rasa kurma tu meresap dalam ayam
4. Masukkan garam, gula, air asam jawa ( biasanya dlm setengah sudu je)
5. Masukkan potato yang potong ikut suka hati dan santan separuh kotak.
6. Didihkan sampai potato lembut

And voila! There you have it. The easy peasy ayam masak kurma that goes great with telur dadar and sambal belacan


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