Friday, 4 March 2016

My seram experience

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 17:16
Hi there.

Sooo, macam the title above, this entry is different from any other entry I've did before. Sebab i never have the courage to write about it kan

But here goes

I kept on listening to the sound of guli jatuh no matter whether it's during the broad daylight or midnight as in pukul 3 pagi macam tu.

Makin tegur, makin kuat kadang-kadang.

And then the sound of orang guna lesung tengah-tengah malam. At first macam bersangka baik la, yang rajin rumah atas ni malam-malam buat sambal.

Tak cukup dengan buat sambal, bunyi perabot digerakkan pon selalu dengar. Tengah malam pon bunyi. At first masa naif tu makin melambung la puji jiran atas ni, malam-malam pon sempat buat deco bersama eric lagi.

I was sooo silly kann haha. And then i started to feel curious and tweeted about it. The response was not what i wanted to hear and wasn't ready to hear

"Eh bunyi guli tu bukan maksudnya ada benda tu ke?"

"Nenek aku cakap kalau bunyi guli tu benda tu macam nak cakap dia ada"

And that was the last night i ever stayed up alone. Kalau ada yang terpaksa pon I would pasang ayat ruqyah kuat-kuat buat teman study.

Actually that wasn't the climax of the story. Recently, i had a nightmare when i was sleeping so terjaga la after that. I opened my eyes and i was pretty sure i saw something at the door. But i just read surah an-nas aloud and tido balik. Nasib baik tak kena tegur

Sooo, that's my seram experience that is still happening btw. Any of you guys experience this too? If so can you please share the experience and how you deal with it?


Shahir Sani said...

Never being lonely i think is the best solution. Loneliness creeps me.��

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