Friday, 18 March 2016

Resepi Buttermilk Chicken Simple

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 23:58
Hi hi.

It has been excruciating to find a free time to update this recipe and today, luckily I have finished most of my major assignments and bought all the ingredients for my Kelantan Style Lunch business which I have just started two weeks ago (and which perhaps I'll talk about in other post)

Most of my friends really like this Buttermilk chicken, tapi I biasa-biasa je, I learnt the recipe pon because my friends requested so here goes:

P/s: I always like the taste of spices, that's why my recipe is a bit different than others.


Daun kari 4 tangkai
Bawang putih 5 ulas
Cili padi 5
Marjerin 2 sudu
Serbuk Kari
Serbuk cili


1. Hiris bawang putih, cili padi kecik-kecik macam gambar. Prepare bahan-bahan seperti gambar di bawah.

2. Perap ayam dengan garam,serbuk cili, serbuk kari, black pepper sikit for 1 hour macamtu. Then dip it inside telur, then guling-gulingkan dalam tepung ayam KFC tu.

 3. Goreng ayam sampai rangup. Angkat dan toskan.

4. Cairkan mentega dua sudu, then masukkan bawang putih, daun kari, cili padi. Tunggu sampai keperangan, pastu masukkan susu pekat 3 sudu, susu cair agak-agak nak kuah banyak mana, and tambah air sikit. Tambah garam untuk balance manis susu tu.

5. And then, dah siap dah! Senang je kannn? Dijamin sedap :3


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