Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Future seems a bit scary isn't it?

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 05:33
Hey dearies :)

It has been so long since I actually got the chance to even open my blog let alone to write it. Yeah well, what more to say than i'm an ib student -_-

For those who have never heard of IB, well here's a friendly meaning from urban dictionary :

Ok now enough of a little peek inside the fancy euphemism of hell, I actually need to blog this time because i'm so worried and i can't find anyone to be bothered about this. 

What am i worried about?

Well, future. I have just started applying for UK universities through UCAS and goddd it's so nerve breaking. Like shit, this thing suddenly feels real to me.

Plus, it's just about 6* months to IB exam and boy i'm not ready for it at all.

Not that i'm a slacker or what but guys unless you've been through ib, you'll never know what to imagine.

And it's a freaking sem 3 where we have to submit our mini thesis called Extended Essay (4000* words research about any subject in our syllabus) , our TOK essay ( a subject which question why apple is called an apple -.-), our IA's ( business commentary - 1500 words) and plus oral assesment(S), lab report(S) and a thousand other things you wouldn't even wish to know.

And now?

I've so far narrowed down my choice to:

1) University of Nottingham
2) University of Bath
3) Bristol
4) University of Manchester
5) King's College London

I'm just so nervous about my future right now. My only best hope is to let Allah decide what's best for me and try my best in IB. 

Well, i think that's it. 
Nice to finally able to let this thing out of my head :D

P/s: Pray for this poor nerve wreck girl will you? 


Anonymous said...

be tough awin and good luck !

Amalin Rosly said...

Thanks anonymous whoever you are :)

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