Sunday, 22 December 2013

A poem

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 05:55
Too many things to say,
They're being left speechless most of the times,
Even "numb" is not the right word to describe,
How a girl can feel nothing to feel,

It's always uncanny,
How she tried so hard for that someone,
And the only thing she ever gets is that shitty feeling of unappreciated,

'Well maybe it's my fault',
Is how she tells herself every single time,
But even her can tell that enough is enough,

And so she moved on,
and funny enough then only she knows that she actually meant something,
Something she never thought she is ever capable of being,

But then she has just had enough,
Nothing short of miracle will ever able to bring 'her' back,

Because for her,
The old version of her has brought nothing but pain to her life,
And she's just not strong enough to continue being that girl,

That girl who just,
Can't stop blaming herself for things she didn't do,
Can't even solve a problem by her own,

Can't even let a day passed without talking to him,

But he'll never know how she felt that time,
And even if he knows now,

It's just too late,
Cause she ain't turning back,
And she's gonna continue walking,
Till god knows if she's gonna fall in love again,

With him,
or with whoever she's destined to be with


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