Sunday, 15 September 2013

A story - Numb

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 22:37

That was exactly the right word to describe how she has been feeling these days.

She knew that deep down; her heart is broken so bad she just couldn’t combine the pieces anymore.

 Losing her mom without any short notice or alarm or just a reminder that she should had behaved as a good daughter is just so unbearable to her.

She could have easily told her family members about how she is feeling at that time but she just couldn’t.

How can she?

The only one she would talk to at that time is just too far away no amount of distance could have reunited them, unless one tiny definite thing called …


 Well, maybe she’s exaggerating.

Maybe other people are losing their feet while she’s mourning for her lost shoe but she just couldn’t care less.

And again that night, she woke up crying.

 The same dream she had since the “day”.

She knew exactly the meaning of the dream.

She knew she has to rise above this.
She knew the rain wasn’t over yet.
She knew the storm has yet to come.

A father.

Yeah she knew she still has that.

But nobody seems to get it.

 Mom’s death means that they can easily throw away her one and only father.

 She felt the pain throbbing through her chest.

Every time he came back, nobody seems to care anymore like mom did.

Nobody seems to be getting him water despite of his obvious frown.

She knew how much her father has been keeping everything inside.

 She knew how he suffered after mom’s death.

 She knew everything but she just couldn’t say a word anymore.

All she ever knew is that she still has her father and that she would do anything it takes to make him happy again.

 Even if it means she has to learn how to mince the onions despite of how many times she cried because she never knew that onions and past memories of her mom in the kitchen can make her cry that hard.


 That part is what she never knew before.

But what she knew is, she was a complete mess.

 She cooked that night and forgot to put any salt.

 But she didn’t even realise until she tasted it herself.

She felt like crying for the thousandth times seeing how her father just ate the meal as if it was the best meal he has ever tasted.

She gotta admit that was all she needed to be normal again.

But then you know life?

When you think it's over, apparently your problems are just starting,

and hell yes her worst nightmare is just starting to get into picture


Anonymous said...

I know what you feel. :'(
Cause we're in the same shoes,
kept missing the past one,
the one that we loved the most,
the one that cost everything it takes,
every single breath, every minutes.
the love of soul.

But I know you're strong enough.
Wipes away your own tears,
heals your own wounds,
fighting over the same thing
over, over, over and over again.

You're strong enough!
Never lose to your lost,
Cause He's the best planner.
He grant you great for every lost.
Fighting!! Ily dik. :)

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