Thursday, 8 August 2013

Keep calm, He knows

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 06:17
 we feel like the rest of the world is against us, 
but darling don't you remember, 
He's always there by your side, 

we feel like we face the greatest lost, 
but darling did you forget ?

Hasbunallah wani'mal wakil (Cukuplah Allah sebagai penolong kami, dan Allah adalah sebaik-baik tempat bersandar).
(3. 173)

You think that everyone else is being unfair to you, 
but darling remember, 
one of His name is Al- Adl, 
and He is the only one you can hope for, 
that will never be unfair to His servants

and darling please remember one thing, 
when you feel so alone and sad, 
He's always there,
waiting for you to cry to Him,

and yet the best part is,
He never even left :)


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