Saturday, 3 August 2013

You're lucky if

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 06:40
You're lucky if :

You have the one and only who'll never got tired to babble to you no matter how many times.

You have the person who would never ignore you no matter how big your mistakes to them are.

 You were being pushed by everyone else, but you have that one person you can go to no matter how hard things get. 

You have that one person who would believe you for the world no matter how many people pointed at you.

 You have that one who would wipe your tears no matter how ridiculous it was about. 

 You have the one who would cook for you your favourite food every single time you're home.

 You have the person who would buy every single cosmetics product when she noticed one tiny pimple on your face. 

 You have that one who would actually not sleep the whole night when you're sick.

And also you have the one who would wait impatiently for you to come home, just to welcome you. 

You know why you're so lucky ?

Cause i don't have all that,
while you still have your guardian angel, your mom.

Miss you mom forever and always. Al-Fatihah to my late mom.



Ouch. This..simple but zuuuppp.. Jzkk (Y)

nur izzati ahmad sahrul said...


Amalin Rosly said...

@Encik Musab : Just a friendly reminder though :')

transformed housewife said...

YOu're still lucky bcs you have the older siblings who always care and try so hard to give what you need even though they already have their own children.

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