Monday, 2 March 2015

Singapore Trip 101

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 06:20
So.. I've been typing and deleting everything I'm typing for about 10 minutes before I'm actually typing this. Lol. Long-time-no-blogging-syndrome I guess.

So.. here we go.

Last few weeks I joined a trip with my Medical students friends to Singapore. The first day was actually a short trip at JB but I guess I'll post about it the next post(only if I'm rajin enough :3)

From my trip, I have listed down Singapore Trip for students 101 below:

1) Make sure to book a hotel in JB to avoid the much more pricey hotels in Singapore.

2) If you're planning to go to USS, survey the price range first and it is much better to buy the one that include the package with bus and food because: 

i) The food inside USS is insanely expensive for students. So, if you have the voucher, you can save a lot.

ii) The bus that is included in the package will wait for you at both of the immigration (Malaysia and Singapore) and will not leave you like other normal bus to Singapore. Although it is a bit expensive compared to taking the express bus to Singapore, it is much more convenient. Trust me, I've experienced the normal bus and it is not fun to run from the immigration and then need to wait for another one hour for another bus because the bus already left us . Also the queue is normally long even on weekdays.

3) Make sure to bring enough mineral water from Malaysia because well you know the water there is not really mineral water but merely water treated through reverse osmosis.

4) Please please please bring an empty bottle because you'll find that the toilet there does not have pipe like in Malaysia. 

5) If you're a Muslim and is finding for a mosque, you should go to Kampung Glam as you will find the Sultan Mosque there (you need to walk a bit far from the MRT station)

6) Make sure to check out Hajj Lane as that is the only place I think is affordable for you to street shopping and also to eat halal food.

7) Oh and make sure to make the Singapore Tourist Pass before you hop on the bus/MRT/LRT because the bus there won't give you your balance no matter how much you put in.

8)Don't even bother to go to Orchard road as it is pretty much like Pavillion where you can't really buy things. 

9) If you have the time, try to go to Geylang as it is famous for the Malay food there.

Well, I think that's pretty much everything that you need to be prepared to visit Singapore. Honestly what I learnt from this trip is that I really love Malaysia. Not to be patriotic here, but being there really made me feel like I don't belong there and I think I know now why Allah has destined me to study in Malaysia first. He knows that I'm not ready yet :)

Lastly, here's some pictures of me and my friends in Singapore : 

Me featuring the far far away Land in USS

Us featuring the Marina Bay

Us :)

The cookie monsterrrrrr omnomnom 
The oh so famous Merlion Landmark 


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