Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Read this, if you are feeling hopeless

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 07:14
Hey there,
I know it’s tough
I know it feels like no one gets you
I know how tight in the chest you’re feeling right now
How it feels like being non-existing would be the best solution for you

But know this,
You can go through this,
You will,
I know because I did,

This feeling will come back,
That’s one thing I can assure you,
But it’s okay,
This is life as you and I know,

You are so strong that I cringed in jealousy looking at you,
Even though we never meet,
But that’s one other thing that I can assure you

So cry,
Cry all you want,
You deserve all the tears for all these times you’ve been holding on,

And then smile,
Smile because you went through the storms,
And just because,

You of all people deserve all the happiness in this world 


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