Monday, 15 December 2014

Need help in finding shoes?

Posted by Amalin Rosly at 00:10
For women that love adventurous activities in the wood, there are definitely a long list of things that you need to consider to ensure a smooth trekking. Out of all the aspects, your comfort should be your number one priority and this, starts with your SHOES.

Yeap ladies you heard me right, SHOES

Let me tell you why.

Ever heard the word "blisters"? Most importantly, have you ever felt the excruciating pain of foot blisters?

For those who have experienced this would certainly agree that a good and comfortable pair of shoes plays a major role in preventing this from happening. This is extra important for ladies who will spend hours in the wood. So, the solution is? ....

A pair of comfortable sneakers with a slight hint of style from
Plus, the sneakers are super duper comfortable to run and walk in for a long distance without having you getting foot blisters.

But, what if you discovered a hidden waterfall or lake along your journey and you just wanna take a dip without ignoring your safety?


A flip-flop of course!
Flip flops is a must to carry along especially when you are resting or about to take a dip in a lake. The best thing about flip flops is that it allows you to free your legs after a long day wearing covered shoes. Besides that, the flip flops are thin and not heavy to stuff in your backpack.

But wait..

What if you're the kind of woman who is not only adventurous, but also stylish? What's the win-win choice for you?

No worries ladies. Zalora has got the answers for you

Just imagine, you can travel in the nature admiring the beauty of flora and fauna with stylish boots the entire day. Plus, boots also has that certain element which helps boost up your confidence and mood into a positive vibe.

One blog post is definitely not enough for me to cover on the wide range of shoes in Zalora and that's why you should check out Zalora now. I guarantee that it will cater to every single needs and wants of yours.

So what are you still waiting for? Gooooooo check out Zalora nowwww !


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