Tuesday, 5 February 2013

This novel of mine -Part 2

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Now can we start the wedding please?  . Jane’s dad seems quite mad seeing the flow of the wedding. Well at least Jane was used to it since she was a child. Her dad was the chairman of the leading shipping company in Malaysia thus is very strict even with his one and only child , Jane .

“ Saya Daniel Johari bin Datuk Zamani terima nikahnya Alissa Jannah binti Datuk Kamal dengan mas kahwinnya senaskah Al-Quran “ replied Joey to his now father in law .

Swiftly the tears flowed down Jane’s cheek . In the same time she actually find Joey’s pronunciation in Malay is quite funny as that is her first time listening Joey speaking in Malay. So combined all , Jane is really fighting with her own feeling that moment . She knows that deep down inside she is touched by Joey’s willingness to marry her for the sake of her mother’s health . But marry ? Gosh then only Jane remember . Jane looks at her finger and upon seeing the Tiffany & Co ring on her finger , her thought flies to the past few month before the wedding .

 “You want pink or white for our wedding ?” asked Joey when the wedding planner called him just now . “You know I don’t care about this shit and since you care about it so much why don’t you just decide everything ?!“ said Jane and left Joey speechless . “Stop Jane ! I say stop “ Joey just could not be patient anymore with Jane’s attitude .

 Since the start of the planning , Jane never showed any interest in the details whereas Joey knew that it is so not Jane for not being particular with something that important .

“ Look Jane , I’m sorry ok . I’m sorry for everything that has happened before , I regret that “ uttered Joey as if whispering to Jane .

 “ Whoa the so always right Joey say sorry ? Like really ? or was I dreaming just now ? Ahh I must be dreaming did I ?” replied Jane with a cynical smile . 

  “ Ahh this is so not gonna end . I’ll never win if it’s against you “ Joey just seems hopeless looking at how Jane treat him . But deep down inside he knew he will have to be very patient . He knew Jane very well , when she’s mad no one can ever win against her . But once she has cooled down and start evaluating ,she gonna be just alright.

“Jane ? Jane ? Kiss your husband’s hand “ Jane’s mum voice wakes her up from her deep thought .     “ Husband ? Huh ? Whose husband mum ? “ Jane’s question arouse the laughter from the guests . “Haha silly you , your husband of course “ . Jane is so ashamed and looking in front just to see Joey is trying his best to hold his laugh .  Jane blushes as she always did and that alone is enough to make Joey enchanted to realise how beautiful Jane is . “Joey ? Joey ? Ok now we know both of them are just made for each other . Both love to dream in the middle of the crowd huh Joey ? Jane ?”said Jane’s mum watching Joey looking at Jane as if it is his first time.  So ashamed Jane quickly pull Joey’s hand and kisses his hand . All those flashes from the photographer does not bother Joey at all .

Joey now is convinced that he has made a right decision even he knows that Jane is not feeling the same at all .Never mind, let’s leave whatever Jane is feeling aside first thought Joey . He has a bigger plan to be think of right now . ...


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